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Richard and I are heading back to "school"…

One thing at a time…now that we’re done with our homestudy paperwork, we just have our physicals and our parent education to knock out…and well some educating before we can say Adios to our homestudy. SO…we’re officially being educated—and this should make for lots of interesting time together (have you ever had to sit in a room and be serious with Richard or I?! Or better yet, take an online course with both of us in the room trying to pay attention and listen…I’m worried about failing here!) So…we have to complete these online courses before our home study can be approved…and we need our home study approved so we can get homeland security approval…and we need homeland security approval to complete our dossier…just one of the many things that will make up our dossier. So…off to school we go…here’s a list of our online courses we have to complete—um…asap, be tested on (no cheating Richard!) and receive credits for…

Adoption Education, LLC Training Courses
– Attachment and Bonding
– Behavioral and Mental Disorders
– Culture and Identity
– Effects of Institutionalization
– Effects of Stress in Early Life
– Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
– Malnutrition
– Prenatal Exposure to Drugs and Maternal Smoking
– Sensory Integration Disorder
– Special Regional Considerations
– Travel and Transition
– Waiting Parents and Lifebooks
– Eyes Wide Open Completed Workbook and CD

Got that?! Any one have Cliffnotes I can borrow;). OK–Richard and I didn’t go to college together so this should be fun! My sister reminded me today that I need to see everything as an opportunity rather than another thing to get done or do. This is all for an absolutely BEAUTIFUL end result!!! And important to do too! OK…now finding time to get all the courses in;).

And speaking of end results…if you haven’t heard the ring tone I’ve assigned to AGCI in my cell phone you have to totally check it out in my previous post and boogie with us:). Parker and Laney do a dance that I am sure the African community would love! Actually…if you ever saw Can’t Buy Me Love and remember the African Anteater Ritual Dance…their version of dancing to my cell phone is pretty close…I’ll have to video that one and put it on my blog for sure!

Are These Kids All Yours? - September 28, 2009 - 8:59 pm

Oh yes, the classes….well they are great, and sooo much fun. Ok well maybe not really fun, but they are informational. So just remember to get as much out of it as possible. Just don't let them scare you either. Jason & I always say if everyone read and believed everything they ever heard about adoption- no one would do it!!!!