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Top 5 Big Things for this week…

1. 4 photography sessions on Tuesday (EEK! 4?! Yes, 4. But Andrea, I thought you only shot one a day. Why yes, you are right. But with my crazy paper work chase balanced with kids being sick, doctors visits. little sleep and reschedules due to a week and a half of rain…I overbooked myself for Tuesday. It has happened before—once. But that made 2 in a day–not 4. Forgot to write one down and already had 3…and now I have 4 sessions on Tuesday…the *ONLY* day I work of the week…so it should be a busy one. Have a EVER shot 4 full 1 hour sessions in a day? Nope! Do I think I can handle it? Do I have have to answer that question? Ummm–email me on Tuesday night and see if I still have a pulse. EEK!

*UPDATE:) Ahh…my new favorite client and new VBFF just moved to Thursday! YAY! Ok…now only 3 on Tuesday so I can breathe and will do hers on Thursday while the older 2 are in preschool and grab a sitter for a couple of hours for Frankie baby. This at least helps me breath!

2. Adoption Physicals on Wednesday! Lots of tests…and you all *KNOW* how I feel about needles! But this will ALL be worth it in the end! AND Laney has her monthly dermatologist appointment Wednesday afternoon too. Ahhh…a day of doctors!!! Praise the Lord though that she doesn’t have MSRA like they thought before and we’re just going for checkups!!!

3. OCTOBER! My favorite month of the YEAR! I always wanted an October baby just for October birthday parties! Hmmm…who knows–maybe baby #4 will have an October birthday?? Or maybe October will be the month we celebrate a “Gotcha Day” instead?? Regardless, October is my FAVORITE month of the year and it starts THIS Thursday! Yippee! (Now…gotta get my calendar out to start planning our pumpkin patch trip, carving day, and all that Fall fun!)

*Also on Thursday my package w/ our check and notarized material arrives to AGCI (our agency)…and we start on our dossier (final paperwork collection before we get put on the wait list!). How fitting…the first day of my favorite month we get another step closer to our baby! AND on Thursday…my rocking 17 Bible study girls come over at 7:30! LOVE OUR GROUP!!! They are the COOLEST girls and with the most PRECIOUS hearts…I feel SO blessed to have each of them as friends and accountability in my life!!! (YAY…now I really can’t wait for Thursday!)

5.  And FINALLY…FRIDAY—we take off for an adoption conference in Franklin, Tennessee with our entire crew! I’m the photographer for the conference and we’re so excited to be a part of it! It is going to be AMAZING to be among so many other families who have a heart for the orphans of the world and who have taken the plunge to grow their family through adoption. We are attending these breakout sessions at the conference:

-Implementing a Balanced Orphan Care and Adoption Ministry in Your Church
-Transracial Adoption and the Multi-Ethnic Family of God
-A Wholistic Church Campaign for the Fatherless
-Wholistic Care for Orphans

We’ll be staying with Richard’s aunt and uncle in Columbia, TN and scooting back and forth to the conference with Mr.Frank in tow. He’s not on bottles just yet—so he still has to go where I go…can’t believe he’ll be 11 months this Thursday too! Parker and Laney are going to get to stay behind in Columbia and Richard’s aunt and uncle are both so excited to have them for the weekend while Rich and I (& Frank) go to this conference to learn how we can better impact the orphans of the world.

OK…so that’s it for this week;). One day at a time in the Young household! I doubt I’ll be blogging this week…so if you don’t hear from me—you know why! I’m sure I’ll have a funny story after Richard and I get our physicals on Wednesday…and did I already say that this is the LAST thing left to do for our HOME STUDY!!! YAY! One step down…now the dossier to go!

Kristi J - September 27, 2009 - 9:29 pm

oh, my…you're gonna be in Franklin?? That's just one minute down the road…Ok, so you have to come meet LL and the gang!! Do you have a free minute?? too fun!! kristi

The Young Family - September 28, 2009 - 6:40 am


Frances - September 28, 2009 - 8:32 am

My name is Frances Worthington and we are adopting from Uganda. We will be at the conference this weekend too! Hope to see you there. Our blog is

See you there!

The Young Family - September 28, 2009 - 11:46 am

About to email you Frances!!! Would love to meet up at the conference!!!