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Intro/Ch.1 (September together)

Preparing to Launch.

Dearest Moms of Tween and Teen Girls,

You blinked! Doesn’t it just seem like yesterday we were squealing we were buying PINK and a little girl was coming?! Here we are years later walking with our moms on a journey to raise strong, brave, godly teenage girls. I’m so excited you are joining me on this “yearlong mother-daughter journey into passionate, purposed living”.

The way this book works is there are 2 parts–the first part preparing MOM (you!) for the journey. We will go through those chapters faster.–and then the 2nd half will be 2 month themes. I’m putting the months below–but remember you can have a different launch schedule and create a folder for these monthly emails so you have them at your fingertips when you launch!

  • INTRO & CH 1 (Sept). The first chapter is talks about something our culture considers what moms talk to their tween/teen girls about “periods and purity” but as you start to read it you will quickly see that this book is going to challenge a PERSPECTIVE SHIFT to so much more.
  • Chapter 2 (Sept) is setting the stage for your BECOMING journey with your daughter.
  • Chapter 3 (Sept) is THE INVITATION–the letters you can write to challenge her to join you on this journey.
  • Chapter 4 (Oct) “WHERE HAVE YOU COME FROM?” is LAUNCHING the journey with a special weekend–a trip or getaway remembering where you have come from–as we dream together about where God is going to take our girl!
  • WOMEN LEAD – Nov-December (Includes dad)
  • WOMEN LOVE – Jan-Feb (includes grandmas and aunts)
  • WOMEN FIGHT – March-April (includes family friends)
  • WOMEN SACRIFICE – May-June (includes siblings)
  • WOMEN CREATE – July-August (creative/art friend & dad)
  • LEGACY Event “Where are you going?” – SEPTEMBER – Any moms/daughters who completed this timeline the same as ours is invited to our barn for The Amazing Race…there will be a ceremony, worship and fireworks! (If you did this with us in another city–you are invited! If you know me–I go big or go home!)

Some of you may be asking when is the best time to really do this? The author chose to do this journey when her daughter was 12. My daughter is 14–and we are going to do it now. If your daughter is under 10, I would recommend waiting until she is at least in middle school. If your daughter is in high school, I also think it’s the perfect time to dream together and build their confidence who they are in Christ before they go to college. BUT if you have a younger daughter–SAVE THESE EMAILS…archive them or print them and put them away to use when she is older or you have another daughter ready to do this too.

You might want to wait officially launching this with your daughter at her birthday or a special age–but it can really be at any time so we are going for it now (also #2020 could use a pick-me-up of dreaming big…AMEN?!). I want to have a perspective shift on 2020 so we are going to LAUNCH our journey together in October (doing this my daughter’s 9th grade year so it sets the stage for the rest of her years in high school and college!). If you have a 6th, 7th or 8th grader–I think the books’ challenge and content is PERFECT for both middle and high school ages as well.

While we wait for everyone to get their books in–we will just read the INTRO and Chapter 1 for September. The chapters are short–for October we will read Chapters 2 and 3–and give ideas for letters and launching. Ideally you would plan a little weekend to challenge your daughter where she receives letters from you before you begin the year. If you aren’t ready to start you can save each of my monthly letters in a folder to use later when you think your daughter is ready. (Be thinking of a weekend or night away in October to launch!)

Praying over each of you as you love your daughters radically as Jesus loves! There is STRENGTH in numbers and collectively with in-person and email/Facebook we have OVER 125 moms doing this with their girls! How exciting is that?! When you feel tired, remember you are not alone. Jump on over to our Facebook group for ideas and encouragement throughout your journey. What a privilege it is to encourage you as you love your girls big!



  • Read INTRO and CHAPTER 1 – The “periods and purity” talk will happen at different stages and ages for all moms and daughters–THIS is NOT that book;). Instead Ch.1 offers a different perspective to bring to the table when you are ready for those talks. (There are countless amazing resources for these talks. I’ll post a few on our Facebook Book Group too!)
  • JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP TO SHARE AND SEE MORE IDEAS EACH MONTH. Each month you can hop over to the FB group to be encouraged by others ideas or share an idea that you have! Iron sharpens iron! The group is called “The Barn Gathering – A Voice Becoming”, so please request to join (it’s a private group) and I’ll add you. ONCE you are in the group please feel free to invite your mom friends with teen girls. ALL are welcome:)  Here you will see additional ideas that go with each chapter.
  • PLAN A NIGHT AWAY TO LAUNCH. Go ahead and start thinking about a weekend away with your girl! Time wise, I’m going to plan a weekend away in mid OCTOBER. If you want to “launch together”–go ahead and think about a night away some where, a dinner out or a time you can have your daughter all to yourself to challenge her to join you in the year ahead preparing to launch together October-ish. Also–isn’t there just something dreamy about October?!