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Chapter 2 – Setting the Stage for Becoming (Sept)

Hey mommas! I hope you are doing well! We are working through Part 1 of “A Voice Becoming” during this month and October with the goal to take your daughter on her “Launch” trip in October if you decided to do the year alongside us. If you are waiting for a special year down the road–awesome! These notes will remain posted on my blog for you to print out and use later for yourself or for any moms you may be doing this with also. (Chapter 1 is posted on our FB group and will remain on my blog:)

Here are a few of my notes and questions from Chapter 2 that I want to think about…

Processing who I am a woman and what I want to pass down to my daughter. What do I want to pass down? What do I want to let go of?

(Grab a coffee…and process these in your heart and mind…)

  • Who am I?
  • What is my story?
  • What are the parts of my story that have grown me deeper in my role as a woman who longs for more of Jesus?

I love Beth’s questions on page 18…”What about femininity have I wrestled with all these years and how can I prevent her from wrestling with the same things? What am I still wrestling with?

  • Who are other women I can invite into helping my daughter transition from girlhood to BECOMING who God designed her to be? Pray about this!
  • Pray for your spouse as he is also invited in to be a part of this process because dad’s play a very significant role in their daughter’s BECOMING. 

“Too often, women who carry wounds from their own fathers or who have been betrayed, abandoned, or harmed by their husband allow their pain to seep into their daughter’s perceptions of men. Hold out hope for her story to be different and trust that not all men are so wounded that all they can do is harm.” -Beth Bruno