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Chinese Cheat Sheet:)

(Most Chinese repeat single words/commands 3 times so children are used to this. The marks above words show tone—word goes either up, down, dips or stays the same)

No: Bù (Sounds like: Boo – say boo, boo, boo)
Yes: Shì (Sounds like: Sh-ir)
Come: Lái (Sounds like: Lie – say lie, lie, lie)
Please sit: Qǐng zuò (Sounds like: Ching zou)
Do not hit: Bùyào dǎ (Sounds like: Boo yao da)
Are you hungry: Nǐ èle (Sounds like: Knee uh-le)
Are you thirsty: Nǐ kě (Sounds like: Knee kuh)
I love you: Wǒ ài nǐ (Sounds like: Wo I knee)
We are going: Wǒmen jiāng (Sounds like: wo man jang)
Let’s go: Wǒmen qù (Sounds like: wo man twee)
Go swim: Qù yóuyǒng (Sounds like: Chee you yong)
Go Bath: Qù xǐzǎo (Sounds like: Chee ze zow)
Give ______: Gěi (Sounds like: gay)
This: Nàgè (Sounds like nah guh)
That: Zhège (Sounds like Jigga)
Hug: Yǒngbào (Sounds like: Yone bow)
Kiss: Wěn (Sounds like: win)
Finished: Qì (Sounds like: chee)
This is ________: Zhè shì ___________. (Juh sh-ir)
Mama: Mama
Daddy: Bà Bà (sounds like: baba)
Older sister: Jiejie (sounds like juh-ay, juh-ay)
Younger sister: Mèimei (Sounds like: may may)
Older brother: Gēgē (Sounds like: guh guh)
Younger brother: Dìdì (Sounds like: dee dee)
Aunt (mother’s sister): Yí Yí (Sounds like yee yee)
Uncle (maternal uncle: Jiù Jiù (Sounds like jew jew)
You: Nǐ (Sounds like: knee)
Me: Wǒ (Sounds like: wo)
He/She: Tā (Sounds like: ta)
Boy: Nánhái (Sounds like: nan hi)
Girl: Nǚhái (Sounds like: new hi)
Cat: Māo (Sounds like: mao)
Dog: Gǒu (Sounds like: gu-ow)
Bird: Niǎo (Sounds like: knee ow)

Lindsey - May 8, 2014 - 9:17 am

Thanks for this list! My children and I are going over it daily before we leave to pick up our little boy in China. Actually thanks for all your posts about your China adoption. We have begun the long wait for travel approval and are looking for all things about packing, traveling, etc. before we take off to China in June or July.