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Valentine’s Cookies

FREE Download for Valentine’s TRUTH from mom/dad and scripture: valentines cookies

“Valentine BLESSING Cookies”

(The blog on the pictures is no long active. If you lose this and ever need another copy—you can find on Just search “Valentine’s or Valentine’s Cookies”)

This is a craft to do with your little ones for the month of February to remind them WHO they are and WHOSE they are. The “cookies” are made out of felt, wire and glue. And guess what is inside each one? There are Bible verses proclaiming the Lord’s truth and LOVE, AND THEN there are statements of love and affirmation from us as parents. Beginning on February 1st, each day each child in our home will get to choose one from our “cookie jar” to start off their day leading up to Valentine’s! I make a different color “cookie” for each child so each gets a perfect mix of love from scripture and from us. If you have a lot of children like we do—your can print off the verses and encouragement sheets and use the same words and verses to encourage each child. You can make your own too if you prefer!

  1. You will need approximately 5 pieces of 8×11 felt per child (each piece will make 3 4-inch circles) Also–use the SOFT felt. I tried everything from the thicker felt to foam–and the softer felt folds into cookies best.
  2. Draw 4-inch circles on felt and cut out.

  1. Cut florist wire the diameter/length of your circle. Apply hot glue in a straight line down the center and carefully press wire in hot glue…

(You can also use pipe cleaners and Elmer’s glue if you don’t have florist wire or hot glue BUT florist wire and hot glue work BEST)

  1. Cut 4 x 1/2 inch strips of felt to hot glue OVER the wire…(this keeps the wire from showing when you fold your cookies as you will be able to slightly see the center)

  1. Print and fold up your “fortunes” or use mine. You can click on this link: valentines cookies which is in PDF format so you can print right off!

  1. Fold the circle in half (wire in center) and carefully bend the wire sideways to create a fortune cookie! If you have older children then you can probably get away with displaying them on your coffee table in a really fun way…

(AND you can use this year after year! How fun would this also be to do when you travel and you have to be away from your kiddos for them to get “love notes” from you each day while you are away!)

Unfortunately…that display would last 10 minutes in my house! So…until they are bigger—we’ll display our cookies appropriately in a cookie jar!

This activity I think is perfect to begin on February 1st to Valentine’s on the 14th! This year Lent begins on February 15th–so I’ll go ahead and post the links for the LENT TREE in a bit so you can print that off and have it ready to follow this if you would like too!