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Chapter One – Extra Goodness

Periods and Purity aren’t a part of this year long discussion, but here are some great resources we have used with your tweens/teens along the way:

Biblical Sexuality:  (Designed for both girls and boys)

The Talk by Luke Gilkerson (intoxicatedonlife.comRecommended for ages 6-10 – also avail on Amazon

Changes by Luke and Tricia Gilkerson (intoxicatedonlife.comRecommended for ages 8-10 – also avail on Amazon

Relationships by Luke and Tricia Gilkerson ( Recommended for ages 11-14 – also avail on Amazon

Periods and Self-care: (for girls only)

The Care & Keeping of You 2: The Body Book for Older Girls (American Girl) Recommended for ages 11 and up

Have teenage boys and looking for a great resource? 

This one comes highly recommended from my dear friends who have run summer camps for teenagers for 20+ years and who have raised 4 godly boys of their own…

Shaping the Man Inside: Teenage Boys – Surviving & Enjoying These Extraordinary Years by Bill Beausay