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Part 1

We are reading PART ONE (Chapters 1-4) during Sept and Oct and planning to each take our daughters for a night away inviting her to LAUNCH with us on a special adventure!

Start thinking about where you can take your daughter for a “Launch Trip” that would be a special place to connect–and give her a letter similar to the one you will read about in Chapter 4 inviting her to join you on this journey! I’m doing this book with y’all in real time;)–so I will post helpful links and update as I move through the book for y’all too!

Below are some things I have created for you for each chapter. I recommend printing them off and keeping them in a folder—if you are doing this with other mom friends…please feel free to use any of the materials I create to share with them also.

Click on the links below for extra, extra

CHAPTER ONE (Beyond Periods and Purity) – But we have some great links for YOU when you are ready for these talks here!

CHAPTER TWO (Setting the Stag for Becoming) – Check out our Calendar for the year…this is our plan you can jump in with us on!

CHAPTER THREE (Invitation to Global Sisterhood) – A letter example for a 1 or 2 Day Launch Trip and Ideas about places you can go!

CHAPTER FOUR (Where Have You Come From) – A printable chart to help you.