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Our Wait for TA (Travel Approval) has begun!

YAYYYYY! I got to update our TIMELINE yesterday! Our Article 5 was picked up and is making it’s way to Beijing to the CCCWA!!! NOW…we just wait patiently for our travel approval! Once we get TA–we will have to wait a couple of days to get our actual CA (consulate appointment). THEN–we will be able to BOOK FLIGHTS! We will travel about 2 weeks prior to our consulate appointment! Still praying I can touch my toe on China soil in May…EVEN if its the very end of May! So ready to have our sweet boy in our arms!!!

This is the most recent video of our sweet boy! It was taken in February just TWO months ago. So his hair has grown out a bit…and he is completely AMAZED at this pen:). He will be 2 years old in just 2 weeks!!! Can you HEAR him say MAMA??!!! They have been working on him saying this…and I think he’s got it down! So proud of you sweet boy! You have an English word down…and momma has been sharpening up on her Mandarin for you!!! Praying it’s just a month away!!!

Our sweet Zeke…


And can you just SEE how LOVED he is by all the special mothers!!!??? With so many of the children now in foster care from this orphanage, I think he has about 5 special mothers ALL to himself! He has been so well loved–(and well dressed in that fancy royal blue frock!). He is very cautious and quiet…and just sweet as can BE!

Y’all pray for MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My cup overflows,


Funny Food for Thought

So…yesterday I took a friend a meal (AFTER I had forgotten my sign up day the day before…cause I’m crazy like that!) I was thinking about the funny on meal prep for after a baby comes home. And how TRUE is this?!?!?

On meals after a new baby…

When you have your first–you actually think you desperately NEED help with meals.

When you have your 2nd–you are SO THANKFUL for meals because it means you don’t HAVE to cook.

When you have your 3rd–you want to kiss the people bringing you meals because you have a few weeks of not having to push TWO carts to get get through the grocery store (one full of babies…the other full of food)

When you have a 4th–you tell everyone YOU’VE GOT THIS, you don’t need meals this time, but you appreciate the thoughts and prayers! AKA: You know there is NO way you can return the favor and you don’t want anyone opening your front door…it’s just safer that way.

And when you bring home your 5th home…HMMM…what happens THEN? I’m thinking you don’t even have any friends any more because no one wants to hang out with your crazy family any more anyway! Hahahaha!!!!

Kim - April 26, 2013 - 11:04 pm

Congrats!!! How exciting to know you’re getting so close 🙂

Maureen - April 27, 2013 - 12:41 am

So excited for you! He is adorable!

And about those meals…

When you bring home your 5th most will stay away, because they are sure that what you have is catching! But your true friends will still come bearing meals and other goodies!

When you bring home your 6th & 7th (Yes, twins!) Everyone comes because they can’t resist sweet baby twins! Oh and they call in pizza for you because now you have sooo many mouths to feed!

It’s all good! I’m in Kansas so I’ll call the pizza in for you!


Candy - April 27, 2013 - 10:59 am

OH!! Isn’t he the most precious, adorable little guy! I loved hearing all of his “Mama’s” there so excitedly talking to him! I think they are so happy that he is being adopted,