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FREE Foster Care Conference – June 8th {encouragement for families considering or already fostering)

The Living 127 team here in Roswell, GA is getting excited! The conference is just a little over a month away!!! If you are a foster family or praying about fostering…OR if you know someone who is–please share this with them!

Saturday June 8th Foster Love Conference – Fellowship Bible Church, Roswell GA : 8:30am to 4:00pm

Here’s a little word for Living 127:

In just over a month Living 1:27 will be hosting our very first conference for those involved in, or interested in foster care. We believe that God is calling us to create a forum which can both inspire those who have been feeling the call to becoming foster parents, as well as inform and encourage those already stepping into the need.

Registration is open and numbers are rising. We have a limited amount of space, especially for childcare, so please don’t miss the opportunity! You can sign up right now by visiting the website, and following the instructions for registration. You too can be part of this event, please register now – please register each attendee, as we can then better plan for lunch.

The day is totally free to all participants, and includes lunch provided. The schedule will begin with our keynote speaker, Christie Erwin, a long time foster parent, foster care advocate in Arkansas, and author of ‘The Middle Mom’. We will be hosting several breakout sessions throughout the day : for this who are considering fostering we will be covering an initial DFCS Impact orientation, and discussing the Foster Parents Bill of Rights; for those already involved in fostering we’ll be talking about how to avoid foster burn-out, and considering the challenges of teen trauma. In addition we’ll have a panel discussion, in which we’ll share highs and lows from those with experience of parenting and living in foster care.

And for those who are currently fostering, the day will receive a full 7 hours of training credit accepted by DFCS!

PLEASE let me know if you are coming! Would LOVE to see if you come! I’m secretly hoping to be HOME from China with our little guy on my hip! As long as we aren’t in China…we will be at this day conference! And if we are currently home–then Zeke and I will be holding the door welcoming guests:)