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Love One Another…

I have a precious adoption mommy friend who brought home a little boy earlier this year from the same orphanage our Isaac lived in for many months. Lauren’s husband is a pastor–and they are following the Lord to grow their family AGAIN through adoption to bring home their 2nd child also from Ethiopia. They will be fundraising 100% of this adoption–and they are trusting the Lord to provide. WHICH…I just think is amazing!

Truly–we are called to love one another. And we aren’t all called to adopt. Even now–my heart desire is SO ACHING to be back in the process…but that just isn’t where the Lord has us. Maybe YOU are in the same boat. You’d LOVE to adopt–but it’s just not in the cards for your family right now. While my heart longs to adopt–the Lord has said wait…and while we wait…I can’t think of anything more amazing than to get to help someone else adopt that has the capacity to open their lives to a child that needs a family. Don’t you want to join me?!?!

Alright–so you just have to go to Lauren’s blog and mosey around and read some of her story. And while you are there…if you want to join them–you can do what I did and just buy a really cool t-shirt for just $20. Don’t know what to get Uncle Clyde or even your kids teachers?? Seriously–how cool would it be to give them a shirt and tell them it helped bring a little one home from Ethiopia!

And if you buy one–will you please leave her a comment of encouragement to stand strong in the journey?! I have to confess that the adoption journey is paved with stumbling block after stumbling block. It would be such an encouragement to this family to have total strangers buy tees and even leave comments of encouragement!!!

Head on over to there blog HERE.

AND last but not least…

Here is another precious family ALSO adopting from Ethiopia. The Wilkerson family is preparing to bring home baby Zoe–and their 3 little guys came up with their OWN idea to help with their last fundraiser. They are hoping for a few people to sponsor them for $1!!! Seriously…does it get any sweeter than this?? I love seeing siblings work together to do whatever it takes to bring a little one home!!

Y’all have a great weekend! Rico Suave is taking Loo-bear on a hot date to the Nutcracker at 10am in the morning! He is REAL man–and can handle the ballet…I think;-). They have front row seats…so if you want to laugh in the morning–just picture him watching the men in tights and shivering at 10am;). Richard is NOT a ballet man–so this is real love for him to take Loo-bear because this was her birthday request–for her DADDY to take just her to the ballet!!! All the while…I’LL be at Parker’s FIRST basketball game hooping and hollering! AND THEN…Sunday is the long-awaited for Praise God birthday party! Someone please remind me to pick up the cake tomorrow at the bakery before they close at 4pm! Can’t WAIT to see their creation!

Y’all have a great weekend!

LOTS of pictures to come!