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it’s been a full january…and we have 1 of 2 created for care adoption momma retreats under our belts. IT WAS ANOTHER AMAZING RETREAT! we had tona ottinger, carissa woodwyk and amy monroe share during the main sessions and about 20 AMAZING mommas come share for breakouts. it really was an amazing retreat.

the day before the retreat began AND again the day the retreat began–our agency sent not ONE but TWO new videos of little zeke! oh my heart. so full. (IT HAD BEEN 4 months since we saw the last update!!!) so much to miss in 4 months. every day–how i wish i could have been there. oh hum. BUT–the good…oh there is so much good! he is doing great. growing–still a tiny little thing. he can say MAMA and point to the camera…and the sweet caregivers now know that his momma is the one on the other side of the video watching so they are constantly trying to get him to say “mama” in the videos. sweetness. he is loved BIG at his orphanage–kissed on his big, chunky cheeks and he has the sweetest most tender smile. he is very shy and quiet–and very, very cautious in every movement he makes. we are thinking we will travel in summer–but my heart is still praying for a big miracle in MAY. oh pretty please, Lord???

the children started at a homeschool hybrid this january–and they LOVE it…and i confess i love having a few hours to myself on Monday and Wednesday while they are there and the babes are in preschool. it is the first time in almost 9 years i have had a few hours to myself twice a week–and i wish i could say i’m being very productive in that time…instead–for right now…i’m just enjoying the stillness of that time. i needed it.

my heart has been LONGING (all caps longing!) for little zeke–but daily i know his timing is perfect. isaac asked me last night, “why can’t we bring him home now?” i thought that was a GREAT question. red tape. hoops. the world never makes sense. so much of all of it doesn’t make sense…all along the journey. but we will wait as long as we have to–and just anticipate when we are all together. i remember this ache with isaac. i remember someone visiting him in the orphanage for me and telling me how they truly sensed the power of the Holy Spirit–and i know the Lord was with isaac. i must rest knowing that the Lord is caring for our zeke…that He is enough…that we can trust Him in our wait.

as i drank my coffee thinking about this…out of no where–isaac came to sing this to me and i just happen to capture it. such a beautiful reminder from the one who i once ached and longed for across the world…here now–encouraging me and affirming that the Lord has our son in His hands…

now…off to rest and listen to my new favorite song by candi shelton…”restoration is your song”…I LOVE.

blessings to you. HE IS ENOUGH.


Shaina - January 31, 2013 - 1:15 am

Believing with you for a miracle! Can’t wait to ‘meet’ sweet little Zeke!

Elizabeth N. - January 31, 2013 - 12:35 pm

Oh how you sweet boy touch my heart today! My husband and I are awaiting the birth of our sweet boy in May through adoption. Thank you for your blog and the song …MADE MY DAY!!!

Andrea S. - January 31, 2013 - 4:33 pm

I have been reading your blog for over 2 years, but never taken the time to comment, though often I am blown away by what we seem to have in common. So, today I end my blog-stalking! I remember laying on the couch in pre-term labor with my twins and my 2 year old daughter got her plastic guitar and started singing that song to me. It was God’s perfect message for me that day.