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a quick update!

Just wanted to let those of you praying for the host children I recently posted about know some BIG, EXCITING news! Edgars now has a family!!! I’ve been communicating with her–and we are going to help them fundraise as they recently just completed another international adoption and will need support from others to make it happen quickly! His mom is going to be sharing their story and we are going to share how you can surround their sweet family as they step out in faith to bring this boy home!!! YAY!!! God is so good! Thank you so much for praying and for everyone who shared his story and advocated for him!

ALSO–one of my precious adoption mom friends is stepping out in faith with her family to bringing another one of the sweet NHFC kiddos I posted about! Viktors! He is so precious–and they will actually be able host him this summer while they are taking the steps toward adoption! Can’t wait for his mom to also share her story here and you can also support their family in bringing their sweet boy home!

I’ve been hearing from the other host moms of these sweet ones–several who STILL need families–so please continue to pray for them! You can read that post HERE. I can’t say enough about the program New Horizons. SO MANY of these children are up for hosting BUT NOT wanting to be adopted at first because they have heard all kinds of crazy rumors and of course have fears about loss and what family might be like. The hosting program is amazing because you get to host one of these kids for 5 weeks in your home, love on them, show them a family’s love and the love of Christ–and then they realize what family is…and that although they’ve grown up in orphanages…they now would love to be adopted and take a risk in being loved. Many have shut down in order to protect their hearts–but you see them come alive again as they are in your home. Most of these children are adoptable–and can be adopted by your family after hosting! If your family doesn’t meet guidelines for adopting (Ukraine requires a 15 year age gap and Latvia 18 year age gap)–you can still host so they don’t spend the summer or holiday on the streets while the orphanages close but advocate for these children and help find families while you love them BIG. Just like Viktors and Edgars–their host families took a risk knowing they couldn’t adopt–it’s really like fostering…pouring in knowing it’s not forever although your HEART wishes it could be…yet these families opened their homes and advocated for them and now they have found forever families! Some are called to host…some to adopt…and some to support in some way.

If you would like more information on any of the past hosted children OR if you would like more information on hosting this summer, please contact New Horizons for Children through their website here:

Last but not least…in our family news–our documents are DTC!!! Which means–our dossier has finally gone to CHINA!!! Another step closer in bringing our boy home!!! Now we wait for our LID (log-in date) and then we’ll hold our breath for the looooong wait for the LOA (which will mean our sweet boy is officially ours and we will be able to share his pictures with you!). AFTER that…we’ll have more paperwork to do (FUN!). Wait on more USCIS stuff…thankfully no prints required for that one. THEN we will wait for a few more pieces of paper–and then travel dates. My case worker kindly and carefully told me to pack away my hopes of seeing Zeke in May by his birthday. She sent me websites where I can send him a birthday party package, cake and cameras to document it for us–and she said June or July is more realistic. I asked if I could still pray for a May miracle? She said I could–but to protect my heart and try to think June or July. Going out on a crazy limb here–and asking y’all to pray with me for May anyway;). Will you? Oh I just want him in my arms on the month he turns 2!!!

Alrighty y’all…I have to get back to retreat planning! Less than 1 week away from the first Created for Care Retreat of 2013!

Karen Twombly - January 19, 2013 - 7:09 am

Of course I’ll pray for a May homecoming!! I know God wants us to pray boldly!! With man these things are impossible, but nothing is impossible with GOD!!!
~Karen Twombly

Joli - January 19, 2013 - 11:33 am

Hey Andrea! Joli here (mama to 5, going on 6 – 4 of whom are from China)…I’ve always heard that it is fine to post pictures after you receive PA. ?!?!??

Hannah - January 21, 2013 - 1:02 am

hi andrea, i just LOVE your blog and have actually been following for a couple of years now. 🙂 my husband and i are adopting a little girl from Uganda. right now, we are waiting for a court date to travel. our girl turns two in June. I too want so badly to meet her before her 2nd birthday!! I share your heart, and just wanted to tell you. 🙂 hannah