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Dear Freshmen (a post after my 20th reunion)

This weekend I attended my 20th reunion. I signed up 2 days AFTER the deadline. I wasn’t sure if I would go. I almost didn’t. I’m so glad I did. I left feeling like I could write a really inspirational, poignant senior commencement speech. And then I thought, “No–that’d be too late. They need to […]

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Laura McBrayer - August 4, 2015 - 10:34 am

I’m going to let James and Rebekah read this – so good to hear all of this from someone they love who is not their momma.

The Lent Tree {Bringing the Beauty and Passion of Christ to Your Home}

Lent. It is one of the most JOYOUS and SACRED times for our family–and we use the Lent tree to make it come to life. For those of you wanting to join me in creating a Lent tradition, I have created 5 word documents for you to download and print so that you can walk […]

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Reflections from an adoption momma…

Reflections from this adoption momma today. Adoption has changed me far more than I ever imagined…maybe just as much as the lives of my children. Adoption has changed the way I see both my biological and adopted children–and it has changed the way I value, connect, cherish, discipline and parent all of them. Adoption has […]

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The Desires of a Mother’s Heart

38–going on 39. Spring cleaning last year just after we moved, he took bins of baby clothes to the Salvation Army. While some consider this a stamp of moving on to the next beautiful phase of motherhood, I did not. Instead I just thought after 10 years of motherhood, if we grow again baby clothes […]

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Give Us Eyes to See…

Lately…as I watch these loves…{and chase the loves…and scratch my head at all the laundry these loves bring…and everything else that comes with lots and lots of loves like these…} I can’t help but think—we aren’t done. Growing…I mean. I know most would scratch their heads at our even saying that…BUT. This. Children. Parenting. No […]

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