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A Guest Post… {Give Five}

I have a whole list of things to catch y’all up on! BUT–wanted to let y’all hear from one of my adoption momma friends Heather Redmore FIRST. Adoption is something near and dear to my heart–and special needs adoption too! I wanted to let Heather share with y’all a specific need–and how YOU guys can be a part of it by just giving five. (By the way–Isaac’s FAVORITE thing to do is to give HIGH fives. I’ve totally got to video it because he has little rhymes he does…like “up high, down low, cut the wire–YOU on fire!” and “up high, down low, cut the pickle–TICKLE, TICKLE!” He thinks his five tricks are SO funny!) Now–you can give five too…and help shape a family, change a life and be a part of a miracle this season!

And with giving 5…you get to help these little 10 toesies come home!!!

Without further adieu–meet Heather:

Hello, Babe of my Heart readers! My name is Heather from Project: Find Her and like many of you I am an adoption momma. I met some of you last year at the Created to Care retreat. At that time we were finishing up our home study and hoping to have our dossier finished sometime in March. Well, you know things rarely work out in the adoption world the way you expect them to. Our Dossier didn’t go to Ethiopia until May and at that point the agency told us it would probably be a year before we received our referral even though we were approved for a special needs child, because they didn’t get very many special needs babies.

We thought we had some time to save the money and fundraise. Well, God had other plans and He decided to move things along. In July just 2 months after sending our dossier to Ethiopia we got the referral of a beautiful 6 month old baby girl with possible special needs! We were thrilled that we hadn’t had to wait the full year, but we were also left to scramble to put the money together that was needed. We are down to the wire now, leaving for Ethiopia in only 8 days. We started a fundraiser last week called Give Five, and Andrea has graciously allowed me to post on her blog to ask others to join us.

Give Five started as a facebook-a-thon. We asked our friends to give $5 and then ask their friends for a $5 donation. Our goal was to raise $6,000. The money has been donated steadily $5, $10, $25 even $100 at a time. Our grand total today is $2,115! Isn’t that amazing? But, we still need to get to $6,000 and in 8 days. So, I am here to ask you to check out our website, you’ll find a Give Five page, a FAQ page and our story about how God called us to adopt, plus check out our store where we have 2 adoption t-shirt designs available. And then if God leads you, please donate to Give Five to help us bring our baby girl home.

If you’re interested in finding us on facebook Project: Find Her has a page

Lauren - November 22, 2011 - 11:04 pm

wow! what a GOD story!!!! off to give my $5! 🙂

Heather R - November 23, 2011 - 10:16 pm

Andrea, just wanted to tell you how wonderfully caring your readers are! 113 people followed the link to our site in the short time it’s been up. Thank you Babe of my Heart readers! I love telling our story and I love that people want to hear it. 🙂