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Happy Thanksgiving!

Our family is at HOME this Thanksgiving…and it has been so nice just to be right here–takin’ it easy. While a sweet sitter stayed with the children today–Rico Suave had a lunch dates…and then for fun when spent the afternoon looking at farms for sale. JUST saying’–we would love to live on a farm one day:). Can’t you see chickens, a horse and maybe some goats in our future;-)?

Frank and Isaac have also been getting ready for Thanksgiving by singing all their Thanksgiving/Fall songs:) Here are two you must here that I recorded this morning as we were playing…(alright–you gotta turn off the music at the bottom of the blog so you can hear their sweet voices!)

For dinner time entertainment, the kids put on a turkey puppet show. (As you can see–Frank got really into it:)

Silly turkeys!

THEN…after dinner–the boys scooted their chairs to the phone to have a conference call with Nana and Papa! They wanted to know EXACTLY what time they would be arriving–and Isaac has been trying to change Papa’s names to POPPY for months–so the conversation was full of lots of “HEY POPPY! WUV YOU POPPY!”

Poppy likes to TRY to convert my children to rooting for Alabama football (thus far–he has been successful by luring them with Bama elephant pillow pets, football jerseys, Bama tees, etc.) SOOO…when Poppy and Nana (aka NINA by Isaac!) asked if they wanted them to bring them anything, Frank shouted–“BAMA! I need Bama hat and Bama shirt.” I’m sure daddy-O loved hearing how they are diggin’ Bama gear. Can’t wait to see y’all in the morning Poppy and Nina!

And where was LANEY during the “conference call”??? She was cozied up looking at a doll magazine on the couch…

THEN…we made brownies followed by the traditional movie!!! Can you guess what it is??? Alright–so the Young’s are NOT media people…so you’ll have to laugh at the tv in what most would make into a media room (it’s our playroom).


Tomorrow we’ll be cookin’ up a gluten-free Thanksgiving! Sounds yummy–huh?? I’ve been gluten free for almost a month now. I can tell a difference–and on December 4th I will have been on Lyme treatment for 4 weeks. Hard to believe our adoption has been on hold for almost a month too. I’m excited to go to my naturopath checkup on December 7th to see how things are–and then I have an appointment at the infectious disease doc on the 8th for more blood work. I have a feeling they are going to take everything back to what my naturopath has been saying all along…Lymes but it’s just manifested into arthritis and appearing to be something like Sjogrens’s. Regardless, we’ll have more answers and know if I’m on the right treatment:) TOTALLY learning that you have to be your biggest advocate and medical doctors are just making educated guesses–and you have to question everything and do lots of research. The great thing is I feel so much better in just 4 weeks of treatment with my naturopath that we are totally confident in his care. (Thank you to all my precious readers and friends who have been praying for us. How I treasure and how thankful I am for your prayers as we navigate through the unknowns.) Despite all the crazy changes in our worlds lately–we feel our cups are overflowing with things to be thankful for. The Lord timing is always perfect–and this Thanksgiving…I am so thankful that He continues to hold us close to His plan and will…and give us peace as we trust Him.

Blessings to you this Thanksgiving!


april - November 24, 2011 - 4:56 am

Tried to watch the video but it said its private. LOVE the pictures though and its so cute how little laney was cuddled up on the couch reading a magazine, totally a girl thing! Hope your gluten free thanksgiving feast turns out very scrumptious!

andrea young - November 24, 2011 - 8:51 am

Sorry April! Fixed it. You are my friend on FB so I think you may have already seen it:)