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Valentine Blessing Cookies!!!

SOO…if you have been reading my blog for awhile–then you will remember the VALENTINE BLESSING COOKIES! Now, I see no need to try and reinvent the wheel when we get so much sweetness out of this year after year!!! SO, I’m reposting the instructions for what we do for Valentine’s beginning in just 11 short days–all the way to Valentine’s day to share the love! I’m posting this NOW–because if you want to do this you need to complete this project THIS week as you start it on February 1st and give each of your littles ONE cookie EACH day leading up to Valentines! SO…here’s what we do…and the post from last year:

I LOVE holidays. Love them. And although many bark that many holidays are commercialized–I like to use holidays like Valentine’s to love on my crew and create traditions with our family. I’m SO EXCITED about Valentine’s day that I’ve already got my materials for every February craft…and because we’ll start this one on the 1st of February—I just *HAD* to share today for those of you who just MIGHT want to do it too! Here’s my inspiration for the month of February for ya…

“Valentine BLESSING Cookies”

Valentines Craft 023 copy
This is a set of 28 fortune cookies. 14 (red) for Parker. 14 (pink) for Laney. I’ll be adding white ones for Frankie baby AND yellow for Isaac. The “cookies” are made out of felt, wire and glue. That’s IT. And guess what is inside each one? There are 7 Bible verses proclaiming the Lord’s truth and LOVE to the littles AND THEN there are 7 statements of love and affirmation from me (& Rich too of course;). Beginning on February 1st, each day each child will get to choose one from our cookie jar in their special color to start off their day leading up to Valentine’s! Be sure to make it NOW so you can lead up to February 14th each day starting on the 1st!

1. You will need approximately 5 pieces of 8×11 felt per child (each piece will make 3 4-inch circles and I also chose to do all of my son’s in red and my daugther’s in pink just to make sure the boy doesn’t get some of the more cheesy love notes from me…he doesn’t do cheese;), florist wire, hotglue (regular glue works too–but not as good) and printed “fortunes”. Also–use the SOFT felt. I tried everything from the thicker felt to foam–and the softer felt folds into cookies best.

2. Draw 4-inch circles on felt and cut out.
Valentines Craft 005Valentines Craft 007

3. Cut florist wire the diameter/length of your circle. Apply hot glue in a straight line down the center and carefully press wire in hot glue…Valentines Craft 010 copy(You can also use pipe cleaners and Elmer’s glue if you don’t have florist wire or hot glue BUT florist wire and hot glue work BEST)

4. Cut 4 x 1/2 inch strips of felt to hot glue OVER the wire…(this keeps the wire from showing when you fold your cookies as you will be able to slightly see the center)Valentines Craft 016 copy

5. Create your “fortunes” or use mine.
Valentines Craft 018 copyValentines Craft 019 copy

6. Fold the circle in half (wire in center) and carefully bend the wire sideways to create a fortune cookie! If you have older children then you can probably get away with displaying them on your coffee table in a really fun way…Valentines Craft 022 copy(AND you can use this year after year! How fun would this also be to do when you travel and you have to be away from your kiddos for them to get “love notes” from you each day while you are away!)

Unfortunately…that display would last 10 minutes in my house! So…until they are bigger—we’ll display our cookies appropriately in a cookie jar!

Valentines Craft 024 blog
FUN, fun, fun! Aren’t those ADORABLE!?.

THESE are the Valentine’s my kids sent out a couple of years ago??? HOW FUN IT THIS…

SOOOO these are called “Get Well Valentines!” because you know kids LOOOVE some bandaids…and they seem to always have boo-boos! We played nurse and doctor dress up (found a nurse hat tutorial online!), and today I “tagged” them! They are ALL ready for tomorrow’s Valentine’s! The back of these say “Packaged for my Valentine” with the contents (chapstick, love bandages, organic cough drops, etc)

How fun is Laney-loo in her nurse’s hat…
IMG_0557 copy

Parker-man and I made a doc hat…
IMG_0560 copy

And we couldn’t resist asking Frank to participate that year too…this is when we were WAITING for our referral of our sweet little man…
IMG_0562 copy

And if putting together a little doc/nurse survival Valentine is just too much for you…you can always play dress up and put together a quick little one like this…IMG_0570 copy

How fun are the bandaids?!…IMG_0439
These would make fun little treats for you to give your little ones—but if you decide to do this craft together and you have little ones like me, I recommend buying some fun Valentine stickers that they can use to decorate some bandaids…IMG_0454_1[Our stickers would some times go over the bandaid edge—just take a pair of scissors and carefully trim the sides trimming the extra sticker off.]

And DON’T FORGET…just after Valentine’s…is LENT! I can’t WAIT! If you missed my post on a unique and powerful way to celebrate Lent and the resurrection with your family, click here!

Between now and Lent you can start your stick collecting and follow our Lent plan (up there). It’s so sweet…and so POWERFUL!!!!!!! This is what our Lent Tree always looks like…just so you know what to prepare for if you want to join us (a vase, twigs and white paint is all you need!)


And of course you’ll want to start collecting your ornaments now so you have them all ready for Lent come mid-February. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST MEANINGFUL THINGS WE DO WITH OUR CHILDREN. PERIOD!!! AND THEY LOOOOOVE IT! Every ornament prepares them for EASTER…Jesus’s crucifiction, burial and RESURRECTION!!! Each ornament represents a Bible story that foreshadows and connects to Christ…and His purpose in our lives!!!

Ok…so there ya have some crafts and such to keep ya busy!!! AND to engage your kiddos! Hope you all have a great week!



Shelly Roberts - January 20, 2012 - 9:55 pm

SUCH FUN ideas!!! I am gearing up around here to create some new traditions with my little ones. 🙂 LOVED doing hands-on when my guys were all little. Big guys need affirmed too! Thinkin’ we’ll have to try those cookies. 🙂 Might have to make up something edible to go along for the big guys. 😉 Can’t wait to take a closer look at your Lent activities!