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under our skin…

thankful for those who stepped out to make this documentary about the truth on Lyme disease…(you can turn the music off on my blog by going to the bottom of the page)

…and this momma is off to chill in the sauna as soon as Rico gets home…cause momma is gonna beat it:)

y’all just sit back and wait…whatever it takes! i’m even gargling bio-active silver hydrosol 2x a day over here:-)

peace out.


bobi bobbitt - December 5, 2011 - 10:08 pm

Cannot wait to share this with Justis tomorrow and I have not even watched it yet! He has suffered with Lyme’s Disease for the past three years. He got a tick bite (nothing unusual for him, he is in the woods hunting all the time) in August and began having symptoms in January. They ran all kinds of tests in the hospital and could not figure out what was wrong with him. A liver specialist decided to ck for Lyme’s and it came bk positive. He is doing better but still has some side effects from it… hope you can get rid of it for good! (:

marci - December 6, 2011 - 6:02 pm

Andrea, how informative this is about Lyme. e all need to be aware of ticks. I had tried to send you an e-mail before …glad to know ya’ll know what you are working with. I will ask ID Doc’s around here if they have any extra thoughts. I had Rocky Mountain spotted fever….it was sans a vibrant rash….I was unable to walk…I was put on a series of antibiotics but it wasn’t right …I felt ok and then rolled down again…ER visit did not originally find the was found about 2 -3 months later…and it had grown ! It found a hiding place…until it was destroyed I did not truly get better. SO , I say …really listen to your body. You know when things feel different. Will be praying that all you are doing works !