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Quotes that make me smile…

After a crazy week…thought I’d keep it light and share one thing my heart LOVES. Vinyl. I just love quotes, numbers, pictures…that can be put on the walls—and then just as easily taken down. It’s no loss…and a lot of fun to change things up. I already have things like this all over my house. But surely…there’s always room for more. I love Etsy. How fun are these…

How could you not have a smile on your face when you read that every morning?!

Something about elephants I love this time around dreaming of a nursery. If we end up with a boy…I’m digging light sea-green blues, tans and browns. And I think these elephants would fit right in;).You can find them on etsy here.

Seriously…I need this one. This IS soooooo my motto…also on etsy here

OK…getting sidetracked here—but also on Etsy…you can find redonkulously cute things for your kiddos…and some things that EVEN help families pay for their adoptions…like this you can buy here

And if you know someone adopting from Ethiopia—I think this would be the sweetest thing to add to their stocking this year…(you can buy it here)

My little girl would soooo love this…You can buy it here.

OK…so fun…just had to play and share some favs from my Etsy fun:)