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New Wiphan T’s & Scripture Reading {Deuteronomy 29, 30, 31}

I’m on a serious “dress for a cause” kick. I bought a really cute t-shirt last summer from the Gap that said “Change the World with what you wear”. It was a purple t—but one of their product red shirts. It really had me thinking…

What if we lived in a way to change the world and did things in a way that He might be glorified more in EVERYTHING we did!? What if instead of shopping to “look cute” we instead shopped to be clothed and the clothes we bought made a difference! If you have an adoption shirt you are trying to sell—can you please fill out my contact form and shoot me an email! I would love to create a page full of “clothes for a cause” and direct others to your sites!!!

That being said, Wiphan has new shirts!!! Your man will love these especially—they are great t’s, a great price and they go to help fund our ministry that serves orphans and widows!

The first is just $20! Yep—great deal, huh? I love the brown and orange together…

The next is my hubby’s fav. That man of mine loves quarter length sleeves. He wears this old one that he’s had since before we got married so I’m thrilled to now have it replaced with this Wiphan one! It’s just $25…

And thennnnnn…the LADIES FAVORITE!!!! YAY! This one is $38 and it’s a long sleeve light burnout…really cute with a little tank underneath…and so cute that you can even wear on a night out! I just bought mine…

You can buy these t-shirts here.

ALSO…Wiphan is sending the winner of our week long blog referral contest a FREE burnout t-shirt. The winner of referring the MOST people to the Wiphan site from their blog is Kristi Johnson!!!! Yay! Thank you everyone who shared about Wiphan on our blog! We sold lots of t-shirts that week—and we are so thankful!!!!

We also have a NEW widow support program!!!! You can read about it here. I’ll be sharing more about the widow support tomorrow…and how YOU can support a widow and join Wiphan’s mission in not only reaching out to the orphan—but also the widow!

Here is a word from Kunda about our widow program–about the need to bring truth to the women and community…and a little bit about the superstition that the culture believes. We are about breaking bondage, bringing truth and setting our widows free to not only know Jesus but have a future!!!!

One Year Bible Reading: Deuteronomy 29:2 – 31:29

This reading records Moses final instructions to the Israelites as their spiritual leader. Moses knows (simply because the Lord told him) that the people will listen for a time, but it won’t be long before they do what they always seem to do…and take their eyes off the Lord.

Moses instructs the people one final time to obey the terms of the covenant—and again explains there is blessing in following the Lord…and there is devestation in disobedience. This simple truth wasn’t invented by Moses or common sense…it was GIVEN BY GOD. The doctrines and instructions weren’t from Moses…they weren’t optional…they were given by God.

In today’s world, Christians seem to be more interested in the church meeting their needs and entertaining them rather than hearts POURING OVER SCRIPTURE…FEEDING ON IT…LIVING THE GOSPEL…AND BLEEDING SCRIPTURE. If our hearts are right before worship—then it will be impossible to even consider if the church is meeting our needs. It is not the churches job to meet our needs. Our needs are met by the Lord alone—He wants to meet them…and they are met in our daily pouring over His Word and pouring out our old selves. Oh, how I want my life to ouze scripture. It is the ONLY thing that brings me true and lasting joy. Often, I struggle with being happy—being joyful…and I know it’s in those times that I’ve just been too long NOT in His WORD.

We need to be imitators of the Word…and in this reading like Israel where we meet together regularly to talk about scripture and have it explained. For most, an hour or two on Sunday is all we spare to meet with others to discuss, digest and disect His Word together. YET…there is NOTHING else that stands. There is NOTHING else that truth can be drawn from. Yet “BUSY” usually beats the Bible.

Change us Lord.

Help us to change our hearts. Change our schedules. Change how we spend our time. Change what we talk about at the dinner table. Or on double dates. Or dinner dates. And with our children. Help us to live for You. Feed off Your holy scripture—and bleed the gospel. Bring mentors in our lives to pour in—bring us younger mommies to pour back into. And make the WORD the source of ALL the pouring. AMEN.

Lara - March 20, 2010 - 4:35 pm

I love the idea of dressing for a cause. How about instead of perpetuating worldwide poverty by lining the pockets of sweatshop-using companies, we do the opposite and buy clothing that helps eradicate poverty? This was inspirational, I think I will try to get some more clothing where I know my money is truly helping people.

Jenny - March 20, 2010 - 6:12 pm

LOVE the shirts! just ordered ours 🙂

Renea - March 20, 2010 - 10:48 pm

Can’t wait to build my wardrobe with a WIPHAN shirt. 🙂 I try to wear all my adoption shirts, Africa shirts, water shirts, etc. etc. etc. everyday! 🙂 When my life keeps me so busy that I can’t stop and tell everyone with my mouth the need for service of our brothers and sisters in Christ, my shirt can! ♥

Renea - March 20, 2010 - 10:49 pm

P.S. Congratulations Kristi!!! That was a total no-brainer! LOL 🙂 She’s the advocacy queen!