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Feelin the Love & Job Chapters 30 & 31

I grew up in a house where we used everything…I mean EVERYTHING…and my momma could always make somethin’ out of nuttin. So…with the Valentine Felt Cookies all completed and in the mail (if you ordered some to help Haiti…THANK YOU…they are on their way!), and I couldn’t bear to toss out the felt scraps. Instead of hanging pots this month…we’re getting in the spirit for a little love…
valentines 003
valentines 001I think our Valentine’s chain might even be festive on our Easter tree! And what a good reminder that chain would be of His love and that our chains are broken and we are set free from bondage through the cross.

AND…I finally finished my treasure hunt for the Easter Tree (see under Crafts for the list of ornaments) and I even made 2 extra sets for my friend Addie and sister April. Are they just lucky to have Aunt Andrea so on top of it?! Here are a few more of my favorite finds/creations for our Easter tree…

OK…how funny is this one for my day for Jacob and Esau?!
valentines 013I couldn’t resist hot-glueing the hand to the heel…my kids will be very interested in this one (Day 7) I think!

Here’s my home-made crown out of felt and glued jewels…Laney is gonna love this one as we talk about Isrel desiring a king (Day 14)…
valentines 015

I’ve never been so excited about starting Lent!!! Ahhh…what a glorious thing to anticipate celebrating the resurrections! I love that we celebrate Jesus’s birth for 25 days in December…but that we rock out His resurrection for over 40 days for Lent! I can’t WAIT for Easter morning…I feel like it’s Christmas all over again…only times 2…as it should be!

One Year Chronological Bible Reading

Job Chapter 30 This chapter is another tough one as Job reflects on the things that he used to have but no longer has. He has 5 complaints: I have no respect, I have no blessing, I have no help, I have no future and I have no ministry. He is in the pit of discouragement. And his friends are of no help either. Although I must confess that I’m about as ready to be out of this part of Job’s life as I am when I am discouraged myself—I think there is value in treading through hard chapters and really reflected upon them. They are a part of the Living Word for good reason–Holy Spirit, speak to our hearts and teach each of us what you desire us to learn and change our hearts for your glory.

I ask Lord that in times of dispair, you will comfort us…in times of sadness that you will bring friends to encourage us with YOUR words. And in times of joy and blessing, you will use us to encourage and love others who are experiencing some of these same complaints as Job. Oh that we would cling to you so our words might be YOUR words.

Job Chapter 31 This chapter is Job’s final defense putting himself under an oath before God. In front of his friends…and most likely at this point quite a crowd…Job asks God to give him 3 things: a hearing, an answer to his charges and to prove his innocence. And if God couldn’t do these things (meaning Job was quilty), then Job was willing for God to send curses his way. He has asked God before men to send some pretty terrible things his way if he is guilty: others will eat his harvest, his wife will become another man’s servant, his arm will fall from his shoulder, and his harvest will be weeds. And then “Job’s words were finished.” Silence. Can you imagine the crowd and his 3 friends standing there? Wow. What could they say? Job was sure God would vindicate. This friends were sure God would condemn…and what God decides to do next…is in tomorrow’s reading! Hang in there…and get ready—I think the light is at the end of the tunnel…and we’re pretty certain it’s not another train.

Let us not give up on the reading of God’s Word!

Amy @ Filled With Praise - January 27, 2010 - 3:26 pm

Love the links of love and the additions to the Easter Tree.

I read through and finished Job today. I was really getting frustrated with all of their complaining 🙂 So, I was happy to see that there was a somewhat happy ending. I won’t spoil it though 🙂

april - January 27, 2010 - 3:27 pm

haha love the jacob esau babies…lol

LOVE what you did with your extra felt! so pretty!