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Job 26-29:5

Chapter 26 My, this chapter starts out with Job sounding a bit sarcastic doesn’t it?! In verses 1-4 Job is simply saying to Bildad that his words have done him no good. Bildad is criticizing Job for being unwise, but he offers him no wisdom. And verse 4—says it best. Job is making the point that Bildad’s words are coming from Bildad. Not from God. Have you ever pulled a Bildad? Spoken your mind and not from God’s heart? And you know exactly when you have done it. Oh Lord—help us resist giving others OUR opinions! Help us to offer instead YOUR WORDS, YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT, YOUR LOVE!

Ahhhh…and then for the REST of this chapter–Job paints a beautiful picture of God’s power. He is truly worshiping the Lord in this! How beautiful are his words?! “God STRETCHES the northern sky over empty space and hangs the earth on nothing…He wraps the rain in His thick clouds, and the clouds don’t burst with the weight…the foundation of the heavens tremble…by His power the sea grew calm…” So beautiful.

[sidenote] And just on a funny sidenote—I had a funny college friend who really got hung up on verse 12 “the great sea monster” part. Apparently, some crazy Christian folk think this ole sea monster lives in Argentina. Are you one of those? Just kidding. I’m just sayin’. My friend actually WENT to Argentina in hopes to spot the sea monster. I’m just sayin’…he was my crazy Christian friend…wonder what he’s doing now. Maybe he’s in Argentina. [end sidenote]

Chapter 27 – Job’s Final Speech While this final speech may sound cruel to us–in the East it wasn’t enough to affirm your innocense only—but they typically followed it by a curse toward anyone who said they were guilty when they were not. We have to remember that Job lived BEFORE Mosaic law—before the Sermon on the Mount—and we can’t expect him to live like Jesus yet. In the sight of God, Job really was right. He was blameless. But still–his curse seems awfully cruel…especially the children part. That would be enough for me I’m afraid if I were one of his stubborn friends to do a double take I’m afraid!

Chapter 28 – Job Seeks God’s Wisdom In this chapter Job’s theme is that wisdom from God cannot be bought. And did you see…in the New Living Translation verse 19??? Not even “precious peridot from Ethiopia cannot be exchanged for it”! (Just had to toss that out there;)

Chapter 29 – Job Speaks of Former Blessings Job thinks of wishes for his past…again painting another beautiful picture—but it’s a picture of what he had…key word–HAD. There can be a ministry in memory when used in the right way, but dwelling on the past can also take your eyes off where God is wanting to take you next.

Gerhart Tersteegan said, “As long as we want to be different from what God wants us to be at the time, we are only tormenting ourselves to no purpose.” Don’t focus on the glories of the past and ignore the possibilities of the future. There will be hard things that come—and you will be tempted to say, “But don’t you know what I’ve done? I have worked so hard for the Lord, and why is this crumbling?” Keep your eyes up–focused on the prize Christ has set before you. I’m not planning for everything to go my way with our adoption plans, with our ministry or even with tomorrow. But I do know that if I keep my eyes on set on the cross and continue in the Word and trusting the Lord—then in the end I’ll be so thankful that it didn’t work out “my way” to begin with. He is worthy of our trust!

Megan - January 26, 2010 - 10:46 pm

I can be a witness to that! Although I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, every step that got me to being a mother was part of my growth. Difficulty getting pregnant, a miscarriage, 9 months of morning sickness, HELLP syndrome, complicated delivery, preemie…although I never planned it to be that way, each step has not only helped me to rely on God more, but has led us to the decision to adopt. With all those complications, neither myself or my husband were ready for another pregnancy so soon, but we are ready for another baby. He had a reason then, and it was all to glorify Him! Thanks again for leading this great Bible study! You have a great insight on God’s word that really speaks to my heart! =)

Shannon - January 27, 2010 - 12:52 am

Thank you for doing such a great job leading Andrea! You are helping me stick with it!