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Isaac update…and ANOTHER tooth!

Ok…like I have time to update my blog TWICE in one day–but this blog is serving as my scrapbook, babybook, you name it–all wrapped up in one when it goes from blog-to-print. SO…I have to get these two things in:). IF you haven’t seen Parker and Laney’s FIRST day of school…oh you just MUST go see Lou-bear and P-man all geared up in the post below:).

First…an Isaac update…<a href=”″ rel=”attachment wp-att-3874″>He is HAPPY:). So…when we got his referral he was smiling–and that was all we knew. He is still smiling:)

We have begun physical therapy for his hypotonia and low muscle strength. He came home with little or no muscles—and a REALLY big belly. He has been home just six weeks but in that time he has started sitting independently AND rolling over. He now rolls over by himself easily…as of this weekend:). It was a struggle before (and that big belly didn’t help). He is no wear near crawling and his arms still are quite limp. He offers no support when you pick him up so you have to grasp tightly around his rib cage in order to pick him up–and I have to tell others how to hold him or it is really awkward and he’ll slip right through your arms. He has gained weight well (too well!) and is up to 22 pounds. A butterball!

We will soon also add feeding therapy and occupational therapy to our list. If you put small objects in front of him, he can wave them over–but most of the time not successfully pick them up. Those of you with 6 month olds know this is something that is easy for your baby–but requires lots of tries and concentration for our little guy. Every waking moment we are downstairs playing with objects and practicing transferring objects and grasping things. Our fine motor growth is slower than our gross motor—BUT there IS progress!

Feeding therapy…that is ahead also. Give Isaac any baby food with a slight amount of texture–and breakfast, lunch and dinner will be in your lap. He is able to eat stage 1 and 2 baby foods, but unable to eat stage 3. Gerber Puffs…you don’t want to try it. I’ve had a few people thought it’d work for them…so they gave him a gerber puff…and I doubt they will try that again;). I have no idea what we’ll do in feeding therapy b/c I haven’t been yet…but I’m hopeful he’ll make progress.

And finally his sleep…he is now just wanting to eat once in the middle of the night. We have worked hard to make this happen as he was wanting to at 3 times just 6 weeks ago. We want to show him that food is plenty and he will always be provided for–but at the same time we don’t want his belly getting too much bigger which will make therapy harder. People ask me all the time why his belly is so big. Whether it was from malnutrition or being fed too much at the orphanage too fast…I don’t know–but we’ve done every test known to doctors here, and no red flags–so we’re hopeful in time that will go down too. I joke that it’s not helping his gross or fine motor skills…he’s like a 9 month pregnant woman trying to roll over;).

Just for fun–we decided to remeasure ourselves last night…the night before school started. (Some of you may remember when we started the tradition here on Christmas! SO…I guess we now measure everyone on Christmas day and on the first day of school;). It was fun to have Isaac in the mix last night…and he really isn’t TOO far off where Frankie-baby was at 1 year!HOWEVER…check out how Frankie-baby has grown since Christmas Eve…And Lou-bear has jumped up too…and Parker has creeped a bit…And just so you know–I was the same height;). Had to check:).

AND THEN…ANOTHER TOOTH TONIGHT from Parker-T! So…while last night was NOT the night…it was hanging by a thread tonight and Parker now has a double toothless grin!Last Thursday when the toothfairy visiting him, she wrote him a note just like she used to do for mommy when she was a little girl (I’ll never forget this sweet memory growing up!) Here is Parker showing off his first piece of stationary from the toothfairy…He keeps it on his dresser and is so proud of it!A little birdy told me that she is not leaving dollars tonight but KWACHA! Can you BELIEVE that?! Apparently–because he stalled pulling that tooth all night, she got our home added to her iternary at the LAST minute. From what I know–her last call was in Beijing…the currency counter was closed…so tonight she has to leave him KWACHA that we’ll have to exchange one day ourselves. Next time, we’ll have to pull our tooth a little earlier in the night I guess;).

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!!

Lara - August 16, 2010 - 11:46 pm

So glad to hear Isaac is doing so well!!

kristi johnson - August 17, 2010 - 12:41 am

too cute…love the note idea from the TF..will have to steal that idea 🙂 kj

Kim - August 17, 2010 - 4:37 am

Another priceless update. Know you I have walked these very same steps … from hypotonia to PT, OT, feeding therapy, baby sign language classes, and then speech therapy. God’s visible hand guided us every step of the way. Trusting you will meet Him there too in new and powerful ways!
Love & Blessings,

Shannon - August 17, 2010 - 5:26 am

You’ll gain alot from the ‘tongue’ therapy, which is what I called it. Teg was older- but textures were…. tricky… but it didn’t take long to start seeing improvement. Keep up the therapies in all their glory.. it’s hard… but worth it!

Rebecca Harley - August 17, 2010 - 8:25 am

Andrea – our Jadon had/has many of the same issues that ITY is dealing with – feeding therapy helped immensely- all slow but steady progress. He often still gags at the site of something new – and he is almost 6:). we had 7 hours of therapy a week up until last year – ot, pt, feeding and speech – what a blessing those therapists were and how our lives have changed! WE are all praying for you – I know how difficult the journey is from a momma’s perspective. If you ever need a cyber hug:) or to ask what worked for us – I am here. Love you dear friend

Andrea - August 17, 2010 - 12:36 pm

It is great to hear that he is doing so well. What a great momma you are! And the Lord is so faithful!

Bobi Bobbitt - August 18, 2010 - 12:01 pm

Hey Andrea! What kind of camera do you have? I have a Nikon D40 and the lens just broke so I need to order a new one, is there a lens you would recommend that would fit my Nikon where I could get the professional looking pics like you take! (:
I LOVE the ones you took a few days ago of Frank by the window! Just beautiful! I love photographing my kids but I am not a professional and would love a camera or a new lens that would make my pics look better! Also, I want to start a family blog, do you have any advice for that?? Hope you are having a great wednesday!!! Bobi