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His birthday week… {God’s Never Too Late}

I wanted to be there this week. So much on the birthday of my sweet boy. The day we first his picture–this is the week I started praying that we would miraculously be there. This Friday–our little man will turn two. And oh how this mommy wants to be there!

This week…I am remembering something very important that I want you, Zeke, and all my children to forever hold onto. God is never late. He is always on time. Always.

There will be times–even now…when it feels like He is…much too late. (It feels a bit like that to this mommy heart right now–but I have a PEACE this this is still–STILL–perfect timing.) Over and over again His timing is perfect…you will see this in your lives sweet children of mine. And again–I trust in His perfect timing. Just 7 months ago we saw Zeke’s picture for the first time–and the Lord has moved mountains to bring us where we are preparing to travel to meet you for the first time. Seriously–just 7 months and here we are waiting for a phone call to travel! God’s timing is not only perfect–but it is steadfast and pretty amazing. Even when our hearts want more–we can step back (to be there now), we can step back and see His perfect and miraculous hand writing a pretty amazing story to be told over and over again of His great love for us and our children…

This week…sweet Zeke, you are very much remembered!!! We are celebrating you and your sweet life EVERY day this week!!! Both sides of the world will be celebrating YOU. Ann through Red Threads is putting together a little something this week and making sure you have a sweet birthday with all your friends at the orphanage. On Friday we have a little delivery coming your way for you and your friends. Cake, LOTS of lollipops, a letter read to you from us and a camera to document the day–LOTS of pictures will be taken that we will be able to put in a special book to see this day that we very much wanted to be there for and to actually be present in the pictures too. I wish I could rewind time the last two years and be there for every milestone, every moment–and I will forever be thankful to the special mothers at Half the Sky who have loved you big for us the last 2 years of your precious life. You are kind of a big deal to us–and this week, despite us not being there in person, you will very much be celebrated.

On THIS side of the world–there will be cupcakes…and singing after dinner time as a family on Friday…and pictures also taken to show you one day…reminders of just how very much WE LOVE YOU.

Mommy is declaring this week CUPCAKE week for you little man!!! (So if any of my friends and family and those praying alongside us this past year are reading this and you would like to celebrate Zeke with us–you now have an excuse to eat a cupcake THIS week to celebrate our sweet boy!! If you celebrate with a cupcake this week for Zeke’s special day–will you please email me or text a picture to for us to share? And when you eat your cupcake–will you please say a prayer for our sweet boy and for his precious life, his transition to come, and for us to quickly get to be with him? Okay–I totally had to throw that last part in because I can’t help but wanting our travel to quickly get here!!) I just got THIS sweet picture from my FB momma friend in Texas – Meggan! Thank you Meggan for celebrating our Zeke with us and remembering him on his special birthday week! What a treasure to know that others are waiting and praying alongside us! Thank you!!!

Eat a guilt free yummy cupcake in honor of our sweet boy this week! (You have a great excuse–and full permission from me to even eat one every day:)! You are loved so much little man!!! And we can’t WAIT to hold you in just a few weeks! HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY!!!

Whatever you are waiting on in your own life–trust Him in the timing, wait on Him with expectation–and get ready to celebrate His goodness…because our God is never too late–He is truly always on time!



Meggan - May 5, 2013 - 4:31 pm

So excited for Friday! My hubs and I are leaving the baby for the first time and going on an overnighter. My plan is to take him to sprinkles and celebrate Zeke! Praying for a memory filled week.

Elizabeth - May 6, 2013 - 11:34 am

Thank You! My husband and I are currently waiting for a call from our expectant mom to tell us to make our way down to ATL this week for the birth of our son. We are dying for the phone to ring. So thank you for reminding us about God’s perfect timing:)