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Happy Thanksgiving!!! And sweet tears with the pediatrician (seriously…when does that ever happen?!)

I know it’s a few days EARLY…but I had to go ahead and say it because we’ll be MIA for a few days soaking up time with family! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! BUT I have a few things I just have to document to never forget that happened today. I am so thankful–and not just because it’s Thanksgiving week and I’m in the thinking mode of thinking about what I’m thankful for…but because I’m just truly overwhelmed by how our lives continue to play out. Following the Lord is truly such an adventure!!!

Do you ever have those days before a big holiday that you have a “to do” list a mile long? Well, my day started out with that list–and I decided not to do most of it (or rather my day decided that for me!) and the world won’t stop turning when things don’t work out as planned…I’m learning more and more how to roll with it and even shrug my shoulders without worry…and laugh through it too. And while we chilled out together this morning at home…a few things happened that just made me dive for my camera as I thought “now this…I never want to forget!”…

Frank just turned two–BUT he is still MY BABY. IN fact, I told him this morning while I reached in the crib to get him, “MOMMA’S BABY!!! Look at you!!! You sweet little momma’s baby!!! You are!!! You are momma’s baby!!!” He looked at me and shook his head no:(. He said, “No Frank baby. I-ack. I-ack ma’s baby.” Well, that makes momma laugh (don’t you LOVE how he says Isaac?!) and it also makes momma sad that Frank is offering his baby status completely to Isaac…but Frank still takes a binky…so I’m declaring he’s STILL my baby!!!!!

And at two I DO usually take away the binkies. BUT this has been a season of change for Frank so much already–that we aren’t worrying about what anyone else has to say about it…he gets to keep his binky a bit longer. SO…this morning when I got him out of his crib, he was going to town on his binky. I always wanted my other babies to have a lovie—I thought it’d be a good thing to have when you got rid of binkies AND I just think they are sweet. Parker has a white one, Laney has a pink one (that is ACTUALLY an old sweater of mine…that’s a story for another day), I’m working on Isaac…and well Frank–he has QUITE A FEW blankies. The last few days when I’ve gotten him up he’s insisted on bringing them ALL downstairs with us…and then EVERY. WHERE. WE. GO. I mean…can you imagine the load this is…THREE lovies…you just have to smile. And I could just gobble Frankie-baby right up.

I could also gobble up the older two and their growing brotherly/sisterly love for one another…I love Mr.Frank looking on here…

Okay—I’m caught!!! As you can see we DID BITE THE BULLET and we started decorating for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving!!! I just couldn’t help it. And the VERY first thing we have to get out EVERY year is the Little People Manger set–seriously…they play with this EVERY day and reinact the manger scene…even Frankie baby loves it!

Later in the afternoon while I was busy getting ready to take Isaac to the doctor (our “to do” list got cut in half when the pediatrician told us to come on in for another ear check)…sooo—I heard some rattling around in the frig…which USUALLY means Frankie baby is getting into something. Every thing got QUITE which usually confirms it was Frankie baby in the frig and he must be eating something. Now, I *WAS* planning on making a pumpkin pie this afternoon…but that got taken off the “to do list” TOO…when I realized one of the KEY ingredients for my pumpkin pie recipe was all gone…(and I just HAD to get some pictures of this one!) How terrible is it that he drank MOST of the contents of this!? (I guess it could always be worse!)SERIOUSLY…who would drink this? He kept saying, “Mik! Mik! Mik!” Of course he thought it was milk, but boy–I think he liked it better than milk…I can only imagine the calories too!

SO MUCH FOR THE PUMPKIN PIE!!! Oh well. Instead…we made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!!! Around 125…so I hope everyone likes them!!! I couldn’t keep Frankie baby out of them either…so they got his seal of approval…I’ve had several people already ask for the recipe—and lemme tell ya my trick!!! Trader Joes Pumpkin Bread mix!!! It’s organic…and instead of the 1/2 cup of vegtable oil…I substitute it for 1/2 cup organic pumpkin puree…and it makes them even more moist. I also toss in 1/2 cup of chocolate chips per mix—I made 4 mixes which resulted in A LOT of muffins!!! BUT they are SOOOOO good!!!

LAST but not least–I have to share my OH WOW moment of the day. (Seriously…I think these moments some how happen to me every day…is that possible?!) SO…after my pediatrician says he’ll fit us in to the ONE slot of the day at 1:15pm…after I panic because I refuse to take all 4 kids to the pediatrician to lick the walls and get sick before Thanksgiving…after I go cross-eyed that my hubby can’t come home to help me (I mean…some one has to work…right?!)…after my bestfriend Kelly drives 25 minutes with her two little ones to save the day and stay with the 3 older ones while I run to the doctor…and after I arrive 5 minutes late and out of breath and sit waiting and waiting and waiting on them to call our names…I’m sitting there in the room when the pediatrician walks in…

He is in his 60s, and he’s seen it all. But he always tells me–that one thing he has never seen is a baby make strides the way our Isaac Temesgen has. We were there just last week–and he told my husband how amazed he has been at our love for our son. I know that might sound odd…but he has seen us go through quite a bit during our transition home figuring this little guy out…and I guess I don’t realize what he’s always thinking as he is watching us care for Isaac and love on him. So today–after he checked his ears…after he said they don’t look that great…after he referred us to the ENT…AGAIN…he made a comment–and then asked a question…(and these are the things I want Isaac to remember later…how loved he is not just by us…but by the Lord…)

“I am really taken back by your care for this boy…your son. But, honestly–I don’t know how you are doing it…with no sleep–other babies–here in our office week after week…I just don’t know how you guys have pulled this off so well! I just have to say I’m taken back…”

I looked at him and as much as I wanted to take the credit. I couldn’t. Instead…I had to let him in on our secret…“Oh doctor, please do not be impressed. I have to tell you–I’m just as amazed as you are. Because I SHOULD be tired. I should be strung out. But I have to tell you–this has been easier in a very strange way than even bringing our other babies home from the hospital. It has been the Lord caring for us so that we could care for him. I know that might sound crazy—but if you ever doubted the Lord or His care…oh my—I have felt it in ways I never imagined…It is NOT my strength—it is completely His…”

We went on and on talking…and he stopped for a moment and said, “I need to show you something. It’s something the ENT said in his surgery write up. Now doctors never say personal things in a surgery write up–normally its strictly facts and medical jargon…but not for your Isaac Temesgen…

He opened up his chart and showed me where our ENT–also a doctor in his 60’s who has seen it all–had written up a report. For the beginning of each paragraph, instead of saying “The patient” like they normally do–he had written “This miraculous little baby boy…”

Our doc laughed and looked at me and said, “Now, that’s not one I see every day

I was standing there holding Isaac Temesgen in my arms–and I tried to say, “No doctor, he isn’t one that you see every day…he’s truly a…” And the tears starting flowing…”a miracle.”

I looked up and this 60 year old man had tears streaming down his cheeks.

I apologized for getting emotional…and explained that he isn’t allowed to refer to my boy as a miracle and expect me not to cry…and I was taken back by the emotion in this doctor who I have never seen or imagined emotional. There we stood wiping away tears and laughing all the while at this sweet baby boy…

Isaac Temesgen is making his mark. He is bound and determined to overcome anything that is put in front of him…he is a fighter. God is using him to change our family…to change our hearts…and even to impact others in our community. He’ll be 16 months in just a couple of weeks—and I’m convinced God is going to use him mightily in his life. I’m just convinced!!! I know you, Isaac Temesgen, will one day read these words. And I’m sure it will be while God is using you to impact the world in ways I can’t even imagine. Your smile lights up the room–and your stubborn, head-strong nature perserverance;) sees things through.

We walked out of the office with nurses asking why I was wiping away my tears (we’re pretty close with all of them these days!) and all I could say, “It’s the doctor…he calls this guy a miracle…and I can’t handle it…”. They all started laughing and then started their usual…blowing kisses at Isaac to get him to blow kisses back and grin his contagious grin.
This Thanksgiving…my heart overfloweth. I pray the same for you…that your heart and lives will be overflowing with His love and that you be deeply cared for by your Creator as you care for those you love. Happy Thanksgiving to the coolest and sweetest and most dear blog readers in the world!!! Thank you for praying for us, sharing your lives with us and encourageing us!



Elle J - November 23, 2010 - 12:58 am

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Andrea, and your sweet family. What a fantastic day! I am thankful for you – for all that you share, for all that you do for others, for your leading example in living life for God and praising Him for all He provides. So Thankful!!! Hugs and Blessings this Thanksgiving!!!!

kristi johnson - November 23, 2010 - 2:02 am

oh,this made my day..what a sweet post….can’t wait to see yall tomorrow (or today really..i’m up late cookin for ya 🙂 Ok, so i was jealous that you don’t take all the kids to the dr…. I love my doc, but he just sits and stares in shock and laughs cause I have to take ALL 5 kids with me EACH time someone is sick..and yes, they are always licking the walls and always sick the next day…LOL

ellen silva - November 23, 2010 - 5:56 am

What a beautiful post – thank you for sharing your heart. I am not a AGCI mommy, but your friendships and muffins make me a bit envious =) – lol.

Christy - November 23, 2010 - 6:11 am

Ooooooh so amazing! Praising the Lord WITH you! Can’t wait to see all the cute pics of your Thanksgiving! have fun!

Jenny - November 23, 2010 - 7:57 am

I’m so thankful your pediatrician decided to share all of that with you! Praise the Lord for ITY!

Tisha Alexander - November 23, 2010 - 8:00 am

Andrea, oh how wonderful! Can you imagine what you life would be like right now if you hadn’t said yes to God? You wouldn’t have that little miracle to watch grow and become an awesome man of God. Thank you so much for sharing…

Gini - November 23, 2010 - 8:07 am

Wow–what a powerful story…! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Beth Lewis - November 23, 2010 - 8:39 am

Your post was just completely moving, I had to write! I found your website through friends of friends and had to start following you. Your children are all so beautiful and your heart for the Lord is even more beautiful! You uplift me with your posts and bring me to tears at the same time. God knew what he was doing when he picked you, your husband and your family to take care of that miracle baby. Praise His name!

Sara - November 23, 2010 - 8:54 am

Love this story and am holding the tears back myself!

Lara - November 23, 2010 - 8:57 am

Melt my heart! So much warm and fuzziness. I PRAY that I handle the transition home as gracefully as you have.

kim zawodzinski - November 23, 2010 - 9:07 am

You mentioned in one of your earlier posts that Dr. Penny is your pediatrician. My children both see Dr. Penny as well. Last time we were there for an appointment I told Dr. Penny that I follow your blog. He went on and on about what an incredible family you have…he really cares about your family and Issac Temesgen. We love, love, love Dr. Penny.

Kim Z.

SleepyMom - November 23, 2010 - 9:24 am

My little 2-yr old has also been wanting to take all his lovies with him out of the crib in the morning (he still has his paci too). Recently I nearly dropped him going down the stairs because there was so much between us: 2 blankies, puppy dog, bear, Elmo, Elmo fireman, and bed water! Your stories of Frank are too cute. I’m so glad my guy can’t open the fridge because who wouldn’t want to drink that open container of whipping cream I have in there.
Happy Thanksgiving – glad you have so much to be thankful for.

Faith - November 23, 2010 - 9:30 am

Oh how beautiful! What amazing work God is doing through you and your family!!! What a testament of faith you and your family are for the love of our God!

Catherine Besk - November 23, 2010 - 9:33 am

Andrea – We are so lost in this paper chase. We just finished all of our education, and it can be a little scary and overwhelming. I thank the Lord for your miracle baby. What a great reminder. Thank you. Now I need to find the Kleenex.

Abby - November 23, 2010 - 9:47 am

God IS already using little Isaac to touch the heart of your Dr and his staff!! So precious.

Bonnie Nieuwstraten - November 23, 2010 - 10:14 am

This is a beautiful post, Andrea! Isn’t it awesome to see doctor’s hearts softened?? There have been so many healing miracles in my daughter’s life and I love to smile when the doctors say, “I don’t know how to explain this.” Well I do! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!

Heather Nordstrom - November 23, 2010 - 10:37 am

Reading your post this morning…tears…what a great way to start my day…praising the Lord for his miracles!!

Mary Craig Hart - November 23, 2010 - 11:57 am

Oh my! Now I’m wiping away tears, too! How wonderful! (And that Frank drinking the heavy cream cracks me up!)

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - November 23, 2010 - 12:46 pm

Oh lovely! Precious. Happy Thanksgiving to your beautiful family full of miracles!

Alison - November 23, 2010 - 1:25 pm

Precious story! What a little miracle he is! And we have the FP Little People nativity set too…and the kids love it! Can’t wait to get it out this year!

Kathryn - November 23, 2010 - 1:49 pm

That was just too sweet… tears are now streaming down my face. God is SO good! He surely gives us the strength we need to get through difficult things…”I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 I remind myself of this verse often. =} Thank you for sharing this! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Dawn - November 23, 2010 - 2:11 pm

Andrea….your family is amazing! You have taken the leap of faith and God has BLESSED THAT in AMAZING WAYS!!!! He is truly a miracle. I remember after you accepted the referral….knowing this could be really really hard. Knowing that Isaac could have not survived…knowing that God had placed him in YOUR HOME for a reason. It just thrills me to see him change the world already! Just think of what he will do in the future!!! 🙂 YEAH ISAAC!

Kelly - November 23, 2010 - 2:36 pm

Andrea, your post made me cry! I’ve spent lots of hours in specialists office with my kids and am always preplexed by how the Lord can use our circumstances (especailly the ones that aren’t fun for us or our kiddos) to His Glory. Thanks for the reminder that there is always someone watching and we can be a witness of God’s sustaining grace in how we handle life’s difficulties. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

leslie masterson - November 23, 2010 - 3:45 pm

Sobbing as I read about your day. Thank you for sharing your miracles with us. As a momma who is walking the special needs adoption journey-you are such a huge blessing to me!

Jennifer - November 23, 2010 - 9:15 pm

how amazing our God is and how wonderful He is showing His love through your family. His mercies never cease! i also have to say frank is a man after my own heart…i love heavy cream!!! jennifer

Debb - November 23, 2010 - 11:55 pm

Such a miraculous little baby boy! SO GLAD for you that God chose this little angel for YOUR family! Very excited that God is uplifting you and breathing energy into you. So thankful to you for blogging your story! Have a blessed Thanksgiving! :o)

Megan - November 24, 2010 - 2:24 am

Oh WOW! That is a moment to remember! Blessings to you this Thanksgiving Andrea!

Kim - November 24, 2010 - 10:21 am

Now you’ve got us all crying!
That is the sweetest post ever.
In fact, I brought back a similar experience with our miracle Sam and one of his doctors. I wish I had been blogging back then.
You and your ITY are a blessing to us all!
Happy Thanksgiving from Hong Kong,

Jenay Brewer - November 24, 2010 - 3:28 pm

That just blesses my heart. I love when God breaks the “walls” of professionals and we all just become people with love for one another and tears and joy. I had a very cool experience with my Dr. as well, when I was getting a yellow fever shot to prepare me for going to Africa and getting our daughter, and he began to share with me how his son is a total miracle, and God saved his son’s life when he was just a tiny baby born prematurely, and we both just had a precious moment talking about our kids and God and miracles. I left there feeling like I’d had a “devine appt.”.

Jen - November 24, 2010 - 9:42 pm

LOVE THAT STORY! How awesome. Hey, and we also get the Little People Nativity out first each year! My kids love it! Happy Thanksgiving!

Stacey - November 26, 2010 - 4:15 pm

Wow! What an inspiration. I am looking around trying to research Christian women blog sites and what I like and do not like on each…I love yours. It has you as a writer and God has blessed me today with your story and a blog I will always check in onfor more! God bless you and your family!