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Fun day? Done day!

So today is the day our trip was completely planned around—our U.S. Consulate Appointment. Our appointment was for 8:30am. And we had to get a taxi to get there and our guide told us she’d meet us in the lobby at 8:20am. So we left the hotel around 8am as it was a 15 minute drive. We gave our taxi cab driver the address–and wanting our business he let us jump right in. It wasn’t until about 30 minutes into circling the city that we realized it wasn’t that far–he was clueless–and we were most likely missing our appointment. As *I* tried to direct the cab driver and tell him we were late for a very important appointment–he continued to look…and FINALLY he started stopping occasionally asking other cab drivers if they knew where the address was.

Richard and I were both getting very stressed out. It was NOT fun. And fun day–turned to DONE day. We finally got to the U.S. Consulate with our guide shaking her head–and I was (I confess) over the TOP frustrated. I got in the elevator going up the 4th floor–and I was boiling frustrated…truly DONE. A couple jumped in the elevator just as the doors were closing with their 20 something year old daughter. They had rushed over as their daughter needed to get home for medical reasons BUT she had misplaced her passport and couldn’t get back to the US. She had reason to panic–but it was me that was done one.

She looked at me and said, “Are you a believer?”

“Ouch.” I thought. She was quite gentle–it was a shake in my moment of frustration–because acting on frustration…I wasn’t acting like one. Cool, calm Richard wasn’t worried–but I was just done. Such a different experience than our last adoption with a different agency–and I was just DONE. Missing how smooth and easy this process could be–and just frustrated–I was comparing…I wasn’t trusting…I was tired. Yet–the Lord sent this precious girl to remind me that He is with me–and I can trust Him.

This precious 20 something year old girl walked over to me–grabbed me–kissed me on the cheek as a sister would–and said, “It’s all going to be okay. He is enough. He will see you through this to the end.”

I hugged her back. And she and her parents walked us all the way to the counter for the adoption officer at the consulate just as a guide would. There I was missing how things were with our last adoption–and He provided an unexpected guide to remind me He is with me, He loves me and He is enough.

Then–we talked about where she was. Why she was here…and we connected as when I was her age–I was in her shoes. Her parents and Richard stood there in disbelief as we encouraged each other–encouraged one another in Him–and laughed at the commonalities we both had. No doubt a divine meeting. Her sweet mom came over and hugged me and encouraged me. We spent the rest of the waiting time with them–and then we exchanged contact information. It was sweet, timely and a reminder of His perfect timing.

It was also humbling. That I am a believer…but so often in the frustrating moments in life…I don’t always act like it. I worry. I get frustrated. I fear. I get overwhelmed. Oh when will I ever learn?? He is enough. Enough to send a sister on an elevator across the world at the exact time–to encourage, uplift and to remind.

No matter when institutions, countries, agencies, people, friends, family or whoever frustrate us or do things we don’t exactly understand or agree with–we can keep our eyes on Him–looking up and trusting Him.

I don’t have pictures from our day. No cameras aloud back. Normally you get pictures before you go in…but that didn’t happen today although we were all really cute in our red, white and blue for the U.S. Consulate. Now…I’m just ready to get home. Just being real. Twisting the water out of shirts and socks so we have something clean to wear is the easy part. I just need to be with my other babies…home–with all my chicks under one roof together. Sorry there are no pictures. Today momma is done…and I’m going to take a nap with my littlest–and be rested for our night ahead.



Candy - June 10, 2013 - 10:24 am

Thanks for sharing your frustrations and showing us that everything in your life is not perfect as it sometimes seems. I had tears in my eyes when you shared how God had just the right believer right there in the elevator to encourage and uplift you.

Maureen - June 10, 2013 - 5:43 pm


I am so NOT surprised by God’s intervention in your frustration. He is always with you and your family is so worth it! I am not surprised He sent that beautiful angel all the way to be with you and remind you of His love.

Keep sharing your REAL life! We all love it! You are truly an inspiration! Safe travels home. Can’t wait for you to be rested up in your own home and sharing your story again. Take all your time you need.