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Day 12: A free day fun day

Today was Sunday—and our free day fun day:). After breakfast we headed out to Shamian Island and did a little sight-seeing and shopping. I didn’t take my “real camera” with me so we’d have a lighter load for the fun–but I did grab some pictures with my iPhone to document our day.

We found some traditional outfits for Zeke and the other kiddos–as well as some sweet things for our little love to treasure. And some really fun kiddie chopsticks for the kids and their cousins. There were lots of photo shoots going on today there too–and I guess the CCTV was a little short of people to talk about the island and folks love for China for a little special they were doing…so they pulled us in and we shared our love for the country on camera:) Rico Suave had a good time today practicing his bargaining skills–and we made it home in time just in time for afternoon nap time for Zeke. The big kids always swim at the hotel during Zeke’s naps–so it’s a win-win for all:)

Don’t you love swim caps;)? They like you to wear them when you swim here–so we oblige although it’s not technically required:).

We went to an Italian restaurant tonight for dinner…and then had family movie night with a movie we bought beside the Italian restaurant. Now–it’s bedtime. Tomorrow is the BIG C/A (consulate appointment) day! Our travel days were all centered around this one appointment–and our appointment is at 8:30am so we have to leave the hotel by 8am to be at the consulate in time. That means be at breakfast by 7am because we have a slow eater that likes seconds:). Tis better to have a full tummy–lessons the fussiness of a 2 year old:)

Can’t believe we left 2 weeks ago on Wednesday. Oh this momma misses her other 2 babies. It’s been a wonderful trip—but it’s time for us to be in our home altogether now. We have 2 more FULL days here and then we fly out early Wednesday morning from Hong Kong. We get home at 7:30 on Wednesday night—but in reality it will be almost 24 hours in transit to make it there (we lose 12 hours as we circle the globe home). We will be unshowered…tired…and probably not so cute–but we will be together–and this momma is ready for Wednesday to get here:). It won’t be long now!!! And then you probably won’t hear from me for awhile because I’ll not only be jet-lagged–but I’ll be in heaven with us all together!

Blessings to y’all from China!