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Day 11: Medical Appointment, The Locals and The Circus

Alright—BEFORE I post on day 11…I have to reflect a bit on DAY 10…saying GOODBYE to our sweet friends in our son’s provence. We were fortunate enough to have DEAR friends here to spend time with and we sure miss them! I think we need to do “kid trades” in the summer–their big kids come stay with us in June–and we send our big kids to them in July. Here are a few pictures of our sweet friends and some of the memories we will forever treasure…

Sad saying goodbye to friends I won’t get to see for awhile. BUT so thankful how the details worked out for us to spend an entire week together! SO thankful to have dear friends HERE to support us, love on us, have us over for dinner at night and just spend time with–sharing one of the sweetest times of our lives with!

Okay–so DAY 11.

Rico Suave took Zeke to his medical appointment because only 1 parent needed to go. We thought it’d be less crazy use one going instead of making the big kids sit through it. So–momma ventured off with big kids. We hit the subway–AGAIN. Ventured off the less traveled path. Made some friends that don’t speak English:). Found shopping alleys where only locals shop. And found a traditional old school stroller that will be interesting to get home:) Exchanged emails with my new friends. And this day made me miss living in China. Oh one day friends…one day again. Our hearts love this place even more than it did before now! The taxi pictures at the end make me laugh. IT WAS HOT. So we skipped riding the subway home and got a taxi with a/c AND A FAN:)

THEN–we decided we’d all do a first together. THE CIRCUS. Parker, Laney and Zeke did their first circus together. And it was beyond amazing. Cirque de Soliel could open for this one…circus here is like Disney entertainment x10 + Cirque de Soliel + the best circus you’ve been to. It was wild. I didn’t get many pics of the animals because I was clapping with Zeke:)

The circus in Guangzhou is a MUST see! So thankful we went!

We really, really, really needed a little distraction and it was the perfect thing. The kids loved it–especially our little guy. Things might look easy–but trust me…any time you have missed a day of parenting–it shows. It is hard. Now multiply that by say 700 days or so…we just needed a little distraction. We are tip-toeing and taking things really slow–and things are going better than we could have dreamed…but they will be and still are hard. But this hard–oh it is such a JOY. Such a privilege. Parenting in general is hard–isn’t it? But isn’t it a privilege no matter how our sweet ones come to us? And WE–we get the chance every day to bend down on their level and tell them how loved they are! I got to do that tonight after a hard moment. And connecting happened in it. Part of me wanted to cry–but then the connection through patience and love happened…and it hit me what a privilege the hard is. When we don’t allow our own flesh step in the way–when we don’t have to be the one that “wins”–when we push aside being in control as a parent and toss the old school out the window…and instead look deeply into the eyes and hearts of our children…humbling ourselves and making way…whatever it takes…for connection to happen. It will be through our connection that they potentially find connection to their Father in Heaven…and this–this makes it even more of a privilege.


Tomorrow is a new day! Night night!!!