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Things I love about you…

My sweet Zeke.

I love the way you cut your eyes and grin at me–almost from behind as I hold you in my lap.

I love the way you hide you face on my chest when things are overwhelming and the way you say my name…mama–in a scratchy whisper…it melts my heart every time.

I love the way you play games with us. Running away fast but looking back every few seconds to make sure we are still there playing along. And the way you giggle just before one of us catches up and grabs you–ending in more hysterical giggles.

I love how you call your daddy “Baba” when you need him…and how you reach your hands up when you want him to pick him up. And I love how most times just 5 seconds later you reach for me and squeal until I take you in my arms.

I love how quiet you are around strangers but how wild you are once it’s just us.

I love how you offer a wave when others are telling you hello or trying to talk to you. And how you blow kisses at the girls who you refused to talk to–just as we are walking away.

I love how you squeeze Parker and Laney’s necks when we take cabs and how you love them–hug them and want to sit in their laps.

I love how you stroke my face with your little hands and say “gentle”…you have learned tenderness quickly and you desire to be tender now–and your eyes sparkle and radiate tender love to those you connect with.

I love how you are not okay with me just laying you down for a nap–how you reach for one more hug–one more rock–and how you sing along in Mandarin to “Rock-a-bye Baby”…and randomly through the day you sing it back to me telling me that you are mama and I am your “wawa” (baby).

I love how you stop and wave at planes–how you don’t stop waving until they are completely out of sight.

I love how you look at me after you throw food from your high chair–almost saying “sorry mom–I can’t help myself. Ill try not to do that again.”

I love how you splash in the bath tub and giggle as if its the greatest thing on Earth.

I love how you are our son–and your daddy and I get to be the ones to watch you grow, celebrate you and be here every step forward. We are the lucky ones. We are blessed!

Here’s to our journey home! I know their will be bumps-but we have Him and each other–and that is enough.

kendracyrus007 - June 12, 2013 - 1:07 am

This post totally made me go ‘awwww…how adorable.’ It’s so sweet. Maybe when your son grows up, he can one day read all the lovely things you’ve written here, Andrea.