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Fall is in the air…

Time to pull out the Fall wreaths…or if last year’s is old and dingy…hit the fabric scraps pile and whip out one of these! (Shared this last year but love it so much here it is again!)

Instead of using brads—I wanted to use hotglue because I have little ones who like to occasionally pull on things;). SO…I hot glued everything—pinned it with pins too…and then hotglued the gems on top to cover up the pin heads.

Found a few teeny paper mache pumpkins at the HL too that we randomly placed and hot-glued on too…

I intended to replace my old Fall wreath with this one…but don’t ya think this is just too cute to put outside? I think it needs to stay on the coat closet door to remind me “Happy Fall”:)

With the left over burlap and fabric…and a little acrylic paint–we made a couple of these for our entry bench…

In other Young news…we took a field trip to the pediatrician. ITY and his ears. Frank has an ear infection and cold. Loo-bear has the croup. And Parker–he is 100% but completely stir crazy with all these under the weather siblings:). Momma has a sitter coming over in an hour so she can run to the Po-Po-police station and get a few things checked off the home study (911 report, background check…for real–how many of these do you have to do anyway??? AND mail off a separate letter for background check to the state). The list is slowly dwindling for our precious daughter from China…and it’s quite probable we’ll actually be done with our home study before Rico Suave leaves for Zambia in 3 weeks!!!!

We’re heading over to 104.7 the FISH tomorrow morning to share our adoption story as they have a special day NEXT Wednesday where they will share the stories of 6 different families in our area as they reserve a day for the James Fund. We are excited to be a part of helping benefit this AMAZING non-profit and so thankful that 104.7 the FISH is partnering with them!!! Y’all listen in next Wednesday!!!

On FRIDAY I’m taking pictures for one of my dearest mommy friend who JUST brought home a precious baby boy through the miracle of adoption!!! SO excited. And then momma is spending her weekend volunteering at ITY and Frankie baby’s precious consignment sale. Sounds exciting, huh???!!! Y’all have a great Tuesday!!!

Melissa - September 7, 2011 - 1:59 pm

I do love the entrance of fall (and consignment sales!), but am a bit sad to see the summer go. As it’s winding down, is it too late to get your tomato/cottage cheese recipe, or did I miss it? I’m selling/volunteering at Lil Lambs (Whitlock UMC) this weekend myself. Hoping to find a moment to pop over to RUMC’s, too. Happy volunteering!