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Devotional Day 7 – Journey of the Magi – “God is bigger…”

Matthew 2:12 “And having been warned in a dream not to go back to Herod, they returned to their country by another route.”

After the Magi had spent time with young Jesus and his family–the time came for them to return to their homes. The Lord had led them to Jesus by the star. You can imagine they hoped to return the same way they got there. Isn’t that the easiest thing to always do? I don’t know about you–but when I go to a new, unfamiliar place–I always try to drive back home in the same way I came. So, I can imagine when they found out they would have to take a completely new–possibly even more difficult route home–they were wide-eyed. The Bible doesn’t tell us anything other than they went another route. They didn’t go back the familiar way. They knew they needed to again obey God for their own safety and for the safety of Jesus.

Some times a harder route is simply God’s grace and goodness over us–just as a different route was God’s grace and goodness over the wise men. We have to trust Him even in the hard times—that when we are His children, He is for us…and if He is for us, then who can be against us? Praying as you journey through 2012 and hard things come–you will remember this part of the Magi’s journey and it’s purpose…and that one day you will see His grand plan and the purpose of the hard parts too. In 2012 don’t expect to take the same route that you took in 2011.

The wise men worshiped Jesus–and they knew God’s voice. The more we worship Jesus–the more we will know His voice and be able to follow Him in the new ways He wants to lead us. The wise men also show us that God will often lead us BEYOND our own understanding–differently from the ways and patterns He has led us in the past. There will often be risks involved–but as we listen to Him, we will know which way to go–and ultimately it is the way that bring Him the most glory, protect us from harm and help us stay in His perfect, good and pleasing will for our lives. Let us be open to walking in new directions–down roads that are unfamiliar to us when He calls us–and worshipping Him along the way.

How did you see Jesus today on your journey?

Dear God, Thank you for what you are teaching us through the lives of the men you called to bring glory to your Son–the wise men. Thank you for showing us through them how you some times do take us on unexpected turns and in unknown territory–but it is for our good and for your glory. You can be trusted! Thank you for loving us and for taking care of us. In Your Son’s name we pray. Amen.