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Happy New Year!!!

We just got in from Rome, Georgia where we brought in the New Year with family!

We spent yesterday playing outside with the littles (aka–the adults overtaking their riding toys and risking their lives by racing one another…)

They really had too much fun…

Don’t worry–eventually they let the kids have a turn too;)

Loo Bear and I got some fun girl time together cheering on the boys when the Olympic coaster car races began…

And Rico Suave and I actually grabbed probably the ONLY picture of just the 2 of us in 2011 before ringing in the new year!

And then–it was time to ring in the New Year with the family. I married into a crazy bunch–and they wanted to ring in the New Year together by having a dress up party:) SO…some of the cousins coordinated a murder mystery game and we had so much fun! Here is everyone all ready to play…

Sweet cousins Emily and Blaire concocted the evening and it was beyond entertaining!

Parker and Laney even participated (and they even thought we were all a little crazy!)

Trying to eat without choking because you are laughing…at people like the snake charmer, a beach bum and professional hero wrestler…

The Young family knows how to have a family dinner party–and it was so much fun:).

And then the mystery and fun began over dinner! An unforgettable New Year’s Eve to say the least!


We started off 2012 with the family and just enjoying one another.

Frank said he wanted to rock his baby brother:)

Crazy to think that THIS time last year Isaac couldn’t even WALK–and this year he is racing all over the place and entertaining everyone with his non-stop singing and dancing!

Isaac taught his little cousin all kinds of things this weekend with a high five being top on the list…

And last but not least–Frank took a moment to pose like his great-granddaddy before wrapping up the weekend and heading back home…

Showing off a little bit of the stinker inside…

And that’s all folks! A last moment with Uncle Buck and Isaac before we left–and we’ll be counting down the days until another reunion together!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! There is NO doubt that 2011 was a year of MIRACLES for our family. We are hopeful and praying with expectation that 2012 is a year year of miracles in our lives as well! Blessings to you all! Stay tuned tomorrow for continuing with the “Journey of the Magi” devotions!