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Coffee Filter Wreath – Total Cost $4!

Although I’m not quite ready to take down our Thanksgiving decorations—I can’t help but get a head start of a few fun Christmas decorations…and it’s so much fun to have some new things each year–and even more fun when it’s easy on the budget! I decided to make a coffee filter wreath to go in our “white room”—but because this wreath is WHITE it can go ANY WHERE in the house. To give it an extra holiday twist, consider putting something propped up in your wreath that you ARLEADY have…like a silver or golden star, an angel, a wiseman, a reindeer…anything holiday specific. Rico Suave is on a hunting trip with Parker–so today we needed a craft that even the kids could help with…and although a hot glue gun is involved–they had so much fun seperating all the coffee filters for me!!!

For this project you will need:

a straw wreath (no need to take the plastic off)
hot glue gun and glue sticks
white coffee filters (you can also use brown filters for a more organic look)

Currently, Hobby Lobby is having a 50% off on all wreaths!!! SO–these are normally just $3.99–but you can get them right now for just $2:

Depending on how full you would like your wreath to be–you will need a BIG packet of coffee filters. I got a huge packet of them at Costco for $2 but I used less than half of them for this wreath

I got the kids to seperate the filters and spread them out for me…they were EVERY where–but they were included and even Frank and Isaac joined in the fun…

I thought it was easiest/quickest to fold a filter in half–then fold it in half again hotgluing it to keep if from coming unraveled. Then I hot glued the corner on the wreath…

Then you just repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat…until you never want to see another coffee filter again;)

THEN…you get to decide where it goes!!! I still need to fill in a few blank spots but the babies got a little tired of our project so we called it quits until their naptime. Before putting them down though–Laney grabbed my 50 pound camera and we took some pictures of a few places it could go!

Over a couch…(YES…before you ask like some have before–we have a room with WHITE, WHITE, WHITE in our house…and some HOW it stays white! This was the room I used for my photography biz way back when…and now it’s called “the white room”…it’s Laney’s favorite place to sneak away to when she wants to read)

Okay maybe that’s too high—Frank thinks down a bit…

Or between windows or something already on the wall…

Or even smack dab in front of a window…

SO…after I fill in the gaps and find something fun to prop in it that’s Christmas-y…I’ll pick a spot to put it. Where do you like it best??? What I like most of all is that it was only $4 to make!!!

WOULDN’T these be GREAT for wedding and baby showers, too?!

Later this weekend–I think we’ll make a few more of our Bible verse banners similar to the ones I made for Frank and Isaac baby’s dedication last weekend. HOWEVER…I think we’ll use some Bible verses from the birth of Jesus to put around the house for the Christmas season. I’ve had several requests to share a little tutorial how I made these…and I’m more than happy to share!!! These would make not only perfect decorations for your home this season–but also sweet gifts for friends and family. PLUS they are super easy and take about 10 minutes to make—of course I’m about quick and easy these days with my little ones!!!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!!! I’ve got a LIST of fun Christmas home decor things I’ll be putting together in the next couple of weeks–and I like to keep things organic, simple and thrifty with kraft paper and burlap. SOOO…if you wanna join in the fun…I think everyone needs a roll of Kraft paper and burlap!!! I bought both of my rolls 2 years ago from Uline and I’m STILL using them every year for every season for all kinds of crafts!!! WHICH speaking of crafts and Christmas…it reminds me to remind you of my last year’s post on preparing your children for Christ a Christmas post…with the JESSE TREE!!! Ok…off to take a nap while the kids nap!!! (SOMEBODY has decided to stop sleeping at night and wake up mommy through out the night…so I gotta catch up when I can!!!)

P.S. Last but not least…I have a VERY important announcement to make;). I SUCCESSFULLY took Christmas pictures of my kids last night…about 5pm RIGHT before the sun went down (the BEST time to take outdoor pics by the way!) AND I got a few pictures of ALL of them looking!!! You won’t believe this…BUT in one of the pictures of all of them looking–something miraculous happened. A shooting star…or maybe just a super fast jet–I don’t know…but whatever it was…it got caught on camera WITH Frank smiling at whatever it was…and Parker and Laney laughing at Isaac…while Isaac is looking up at Laney laughing back!!! Can you believe it?! Don’t you LOVE when miracle moments are captured?! Can’t wait to send those out for Christmas!!! (Can you tell Christmas is my FAVORITE season of all?!)

So much for fillin’ it in…I decided it’s good to go just like it is and I put it here…



april - November 20, 2010 - 3:29 pm

wow…love it and cant wait to see that pic with the shooting star!

Alison - November 20, 2010 - 6:16 pm

Love it, love it! I so wish I was crafty and creative!

Brittney - November 20, 2010 - 7:38 pm

Cute wreath. I made one with brown filters. I thought it looked great on my front door…then it rained. 🙁 A soggy wreath is not as cute.

Sara - November 20, 2010 - 9:11 pm

Love the wreath! I saw it on another blog about a week ago and it is on my to do list. I meant to get some pics of the kids today for our card, but I chickened out. It can be so stressful! Especially with four and one of them being 17 months! I’m so glad you got a great shot of your four! Maybe I can do it tomorrow…

sara just - November 20, 2010 - 9:13 pm

love the wreath idea.. and i can’t wait for the banner tutorial..I just went out and get burlap today!!! Will you post it here? thanks for being my blog friend and mentor..even though you know nothing about me!:)

Bobi Bobbitt - November 20, 2010 - 11:21 pm

So funny, Andrea! I have a shirt in the exact same fabric as Laney’s dress that I bought a couple of weeks ago!!! I should sale it to you so y’all could be Mommy/daughter twins!!! I have only worn it once! Love this idea for the wreath… you are the most creative person I have ever met! You never stop amazing me with your craftiness!!!! (:

Jenny - November 20, 2010 - 11:49 pm

I just love you Andrea! AND you always make me wanna be crafty;0)

Deborah - November 21, 2010 - 7:20 am

Love the reef (and white room) and can’t wait to see the pictures.

Deborah - November 21, 2010 - 7:20 am

Oops. Meant to say love the wreath. lol

Katy - November 21, 2010 - 9:51 am

so cute! i’m adding this to the ever-growing list of pages i have bookmarked as “things to do/create when we move back to the states”. 🙂 however, im thinking this might be simple enough to do here. i’ll check for supplies on my weekly trip into town tomorrow.

Heather Kelley - November 21, 2010 - 5:59 pm

what an awesome idea. Can’t wait for the tutorial on the scripture banners. I have plenty of places in my home that I’d love to hang some special scriptures on.

Shelly - November 21, 2010 - 8:46 pm

Oh my word, I love it! I’m wondering if I could do a smaller wreath for my kids’ rooms using cupcake wrappers… ?

Tiffany - November 22, 2010 - 1:05 pm

Seriously cannot even get my head around your craftiness…sadly, not a talent God gave me. I love how you get the kinds involved in everything!