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10 years {happy 10 year anniversary to my love!}

Today–Richard and I celebrate 10 years! We were married in Alexander City, Alabama on June 21, 2003…

So much has happened in these 10 years. 5 children…that’s averaging a child every other year:). Parker was born August 2004…just 14 months after our wedding day–so needless to say we wasted no time in starting a family. We dreamed together of having 2 children–Richard playing golf on Saturdays–me teaching–and lots of traveling as a family. All of our dreams have slowly changed–the traveling we have been doing lately is to grow our family:). I would have never imagined our family of 7…5 beautiful children–and more JOY and love than we could have ever hoped for. There is no golf on Saturdays…because with 5 kids 8 and under–sacrifices are made–but as much as I encourage this man I love to go do leisure things he used to love–he says there is no place he would rather be on Saturdays than with us and helping me…giving me a break and time to rest. It’s no surprise with a heart like that–that we are in love more 10 years later. So thankful for his servant heart and how hard he works for our family.

My best friend Kelly is coming over tonight to babysit so we can go to dinner and celebrate together these 10 years. Going to put our little new one down for the night and slip away to celebrate. Thankful that we can at least go grab dinner–and dream together over dessert what the next 10 years might hold for us!

And just to make YOU laugh. Right after that LAST picture was taken (the “Just Married” one on a golf cart)–yes a golf cart because I married Mr.Frugal–and this was a free get away ride;)…the driver of the golf cart (aka RICO SUAVE) ran right over my dress pulling his new bride OUT of the golf cart–and leaving golf cart tire skid marks all over the dress. THIS is how we started our wedding bliss…and although mistakes happen–we chose to always follow it with lots of laughter. AND this memory still brings us much laughter…with the ONLY regret that our videographer didn’t capture it…because we are certain it would have won us a great vacation from America’s Funniest Home Videos:) Hoping you all are just as blessed with crazy, fun, sweet memories with the one He made for you. Never give up–when it’s hard…just hold one another’s hand tighter–pray together and never go to bed angry…and if you do…quickly forgive over coffee in the morning and work through it with open hearts. Put one another first and tell each other what you love about each other as often as you can. Marriage is always worth fighting for…and so thankful to have my Rich to run it with.




Candy - June 22, 2013 - 11:28 am

We have the same anniversary date. Today would have been our 40th. I posted our love story on my Facebook page (Candy Pace Feathers).