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Wiphan sponsorship and a HUGE praise!

I have gotten a few emails that a few of you guys out there want to sponsor Wiphan kids–but you can’t seem to find the link on the Wiphan site! I got this same request back when I posted about the Silent Night project…SO I’ll share those direct links with you all so you can go check out these links and join us!!! First, we only have less than 1/4 of our Wiphan kids on the site for sponsorship. We need to get these kids sponsored before we can add more. And you will probably notice that most of the kids still in need of sponsorship are older kids. We currently have just SIX kids needing sponsors!!! JUST SIX! Will you just take a moment to read their stories—pray over each one as you read them—and consider whether the Lord would want to use you to make a difference in this child’s life? You can view the direct link by clicking here: WIPHAN CARE MINISTRY CHILD SPONSORSHIP

P.S. I am SOOO pumped that you guys have answered the call to care for some of the kids I posted just a couple of days ago!!! MOST of the children I shared NOW HAVE SPONSORS!!! YAY! YAY! YAY! You guys seriously BLOW me away!!! You are being the hands and feet of Jesus and caring for these kids who need someone to care!!!

IF that link doesn’t work for you, go to the Wiphan website at and click on the 3rd square at the top that says “Child sponsorship” and then click on the picture of the two children that has the writing on it that says “Click to sponsor a child“. Ok, I know some of you are laughing now that you realized you missed this–BUT if it makes you feel any better I missed it the first time too and didn’t realize the picture WAS the button to click! SO…check it out now. JUST like I wasn’t open at first to the older child (SO THANKFUL that is who we have!!!), I must also confess I didn’t always get the sponsored children who had birth parents. BUT…then I realize that MANY children that are abandoned or left at orphanages HAVE BOTH birth parents but they are able to provide. Some of you may have a calling to sponsor children whose parents are living but can’t afford to feed them or send them to school–and don’t underestimate how blessed you will be JOINING their parents in caring for them!!!! Let me introduce you to just one of them…

MEET Veronica…Veronica lives with her mother and father. She has 7 siblings. Her favorite color is red. Her favorite subject is math, and her favorite bird is a chicken. She wants to go to school because she wants to improve her life. She wants to become a nurse. Would you consider encouraging Veronica and sponsoring her…would you consider helping her stay in school so she can achieve her dream?! And just maybe would you consider visiting her one day and letting her know how you prayed for her and what a blessing it was to be a part of her journey?

Wow! I am so prayerful that the last 6 kids on our site will get sponsors soon!!! And we can focus on getting MORE kids up and sponsored. My sister April is the sista behind the sponsorships—she works tirelessly to put everything together, to keep up with enrollment and to work with our staff in Zambia to get more of our children’s profiles, pictures and facilitate communication between the kids and their sweet sponsors. I can’t wait to tell you guys when these 6 are sponsored. AND if you are led to sponsor–would you mind sending me an email just to let me know!!!

ALSO–if you would like to help an orphan BUT you aren’t able to sponsor—consider giving a ONE TIME GIFT to help an orphan stay safe at night! You can learn more about our Silent Night Project here: Silent Night Project Slideshow. You can make a ONE TIME $45 donation which goes toward keeping an orphan safe from malaria with a mosquito net–gives that child a place to sleep with a foam mat and sheets and protects the child’s family from intruders with a lock and chain to be secured on their wooden door of their mudhome. You can click here to join us in keeping them safe.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST AN UPDATE ON…SERIOUSLY–is he NOT the cutest little STINKER you have ever seen?! DROOL and ALL!

TODAY was THE big appointment at the neurologist! And—we have a MIRACULOUS PRAISE!!! The neurologist feels strongly that Isaac has NO handicap linked to his hypotonia. We will go back in 3 months to check progress—but he did NOT see the need to schedule diagnostic testing or a CAT scan today after our LONNNNG exam today. When we came home JUST 3 months ago, Isaac was 11 months old. They said developmentally he was around 3 months for fine motor skills, 4-6 months for gross motor and not to hot on the reflex/cognitive, etc. We hit the therapies and we’ve been burning the rubber on the roads from therapy to therapy to doc visit to doc visit. We’ve had x-rays, ultrasounds, UTIs, parasites, E. coli, fevers, night sweats, viruses…you name it–we’ve been there the last 3 months. I was convinced we had some serious problems. I was at my WITS end and I even visited a homeopathic doctor who started us on a healthy track (no more sick visits since we have been under his care!!!) We have been working HARD on physical therapy–mostly at home on the floor…and TODAY–it was all worth it!!! He told us NO MORE feeding or occupational therapy…and to hang in there with the physical therapy until ITY is walking…which he believed would happen before he turns 2 based on his progress!!! He ALSO said just 3 months later he is now developmentally around 10 months on fine motor (jumped 7 months!), gross motor AND reflex/cognitive!!! I am SOOOOO thrilled, excited, elated, can’t believe it and happy!!!

We finally FEEL the light at the end of the tunnel–and it feels SO GOOD!!! We really believe our son who was classified as “special needs” is no longer going to special needs—AND the most amazing part is…in THIS process God has given us a heart FOR special needs in a new way!!! I have a FEELING what may be in our future…say WAY down the road—but I am just so thankful for the HARDNESS of the last 3 months. I wouldn’t trade ANY of it for the world…and I can’t believe that *I* get to live this life that God has chosen for me. The plans He has for YOU really are amazing!!! Do NOT be afraid to follow Him…even when it doesn’t make sense!!! It WILL BE worth it—and it is so much MORE amazing to live a life where you NEED Him desperately to help you rather than create what you think you want or need. I’m so thankful for others who went before me on this journey and paved the way…inspiring us…and I can’t wait to cheer many of you on as you follow Him!!! (By the way, I am a horrible commenter–but SO many of you who leave comments with your blog address listed—I visit your blogs and ALSO pray for you…and I just love getting to watch so many families follow His plan in crazy but amazing ways!!!)

NOW…just to make you smile–Isaac visited his FIRST pumpkin patch. I have to tell you that he ISN’T a fan of grass before you see this picture…and he isn’t a fan of new places without momma holding him…so when you put ITY down in front of a pumpkin in a patch–you get this…

I thought MAYBE he’d be happier with his siblings and friends with him…but not so much…

Now LANEY on the other hand…she was made for country stuff like this!

BUT FRANK…he is chicken when it comes to loud noises…so when the tractor cranks up…someone better be ready for him to jump in their arms…

Thanks to Christy…he was safe…not quite like other little ones who would be excited about a tractor…but he felt safe and that is all that matters…Christy is my friend who God brought into my life when He knew I’d need her the most!!! She is the MOST sacrificial person I have EVER met. She is my friend that makes me a better mommy…so I can go to doctor visits with just one child instead of leaving in tears with all 4! She has two beautiful children–and with EVERY doctor appointment she was ALWAYS there if I needed her!!! She has 2 beautiful children–and when I beg her to have more she always reminds me her calling is to be there for crazy families like mine. Maybe you aren’t called to adopt OR foster…but just maybe God could use you to bless friends the way Christy does her friends with crazy families. REALLY when you are tempted to think I am a “super mom” or how do I do it…DON’T GO THERE!!! I am NOT super mom–and if I appear to be–it’s a false alarm and it’s really because of friends like Christy that I am making crafts with glue instead of snorting it. (Just checking to see if anyone really is still reading this.)

Christy, her hubby Brad and Rico Suave took ALL the kids through the corn maize–while ITY and I parked it by the corn…I was NOT about to take him into that creepy thing…teenagers squealing and such. We were happy little larks waiting outside and eating our sweet potatoes and carrot baby food!

And the night ended with marshmellows and smores!!!I stink at night time photography by the way…but I still had to share these!See told you I stink at night time photography…UM…you can’t see ANY of our children…BUT the fire does look cool…right?!
Ok…so maybe that’s where I’ll aim to improve this year…taking night time portraits! I’ll work on that;)STILL I captured their FUN and THAT is all that mattters!!! Hope you all have a great week!!! Ours is a crazy one SOOOO…I might be MIA for a few days!! I am going to whip up some pumpkin shirts this week—so I’ll be back when those are done to share with ya!

Thank you for praying for us this past year and especially the past 3 months!!! So thankful to all of those who have journeyed with us!!!

Kathryn Lewis - October 12, 2010 - 9:48 pm

SO wonderful to hear Isaac’s improvement – Glory be to our amazing God and for giving you all the strength and persistance! Btw, I laughed out loud when I read your glue comment =) I was still reading!

Jenny - October 12, 2010 - 10:43 pm

I am SOO SOOO excited about ITY’s doc appt. Praise the Lord! I love this post and loved your last post. We also have an older sponsor child. He’s from Rwanda and I just got a letter from him TODAY so I loved reading your post and thinking about him. I actually taught in Rwanda for a summer and got to meet my child. Quite a blessing!!

natali - October 13, 2010 - 12:35 am

it has been such a joy to journey with you guys! 🙂

Christy - October 13, 2010 - 6:48 am

Thank you for the challenge to live for God in the way that I have to desperately seek Him… I needed to hear that today! Praising God with you for Isaac’s great updates! 🙂 And LOVE those Laney boots you keep posting pics of her in! 🙂 Do they make those in adults sizes? hehe 🙂 Have a great rest of your week!

Meredith - October 13, 2010 - 6:54 am

I am so excited about Isaac’s progress. I love how God works! I can’t imagine the joy it brings God to see you rejoice in what He is doing for your son.

Jenny - October 13, 2010 - 8:22 am

Still SOOOO happy reading all the good news about ITY!!!! Praise the LORD!!! Also, so funny that your worst nighttime photography is pretty much better than my best! LOL! Praying for sponsors to come in quickly for those precious kiddos!

Cristie - October 13, 2010 - 1:21 pm

I’m PRAISING GOD for ITY’s great report!!!! Exceedingly and abundantly!

Elle J - October 13, 2010 - 2:25 pm

While I would *love* to be in your town and walk our journeys arm and arm – I am still grateful for the long distance walk that we take. Precious photos – and funny one-liner about the craft glue. Ya know I read it all!! =)

Alison - October 13, 2010 - 6:01 pm

Yay!! SO excited to hear this awesome report on sweet baby Isaac! Praise God! And I just ordered CG some cute boots like Laney’s…she is so excited!!! (didn’t have her size in the store!)

Becca - October 13, 2010 - 11:07 pm

So so so excited about the good news about your cutie! 🙂 maybe we could hang out again sometime soon?