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Win a FREE registration fee to the JANUARY Created for Care retreat!

A little shout out for the Cookman crew!

Just before Created for Care registration opened up–the Cookman family contacted me to see if they could purchase TWO spots to the Created for Care retreat. I told her she could purchase how ever many she wanted as long as she bought them before the retreat sold out. SO…she was one of the many to stay up until midnight to be sure she could buy more than one ticket! The Cookman family wants to bless a family with a spot at the Janaury retreat–AND they are doing a fundraiser on their blog. No purchase is necessary to enter the retreat registration give-away–all you have to do is leave a comment on their family’s blog entry!!!


They have a couple of really fun things you can purchase to help them with their adoption fundraiser—so check out their blog to see the fun! I really want to buy my kids “I’m Going to Change the World” tees from Ordinary Hero–Ordinary Hero is giving the Cookmans 40% of sales to their adoption agency to go toward their adoption. You can read details on their blog. How cute are these tees???!!!

I’m going to head on over to Ordinary Hero and get some of these for Christmas gifts!!! How fun would it be for ALL of your gifts this year to benefit things like this!!?? They are also partnering with a shop that sells adorable placemats. Read instructions on their blog how to purchase. How cute are these…

Or this one…

They have some other things up to…so go check out the Cookman Family HERE!

AND…a quick update on the Young’s…

I’ve had several folks ask where in the world are we with OUR adoption??!! We are getting there!!! We should have our home study written up in the next couple of weeks and we’ll send it off to Immigration once it’s written!! On SUNDAY (yesterday) we had the privilege of having lunch with the sweet lady from China who will actually match us with our daughter!!! She was in country just last week and some of this week–and we are so thankful for the opportunity to have met her! I’m hoping we will be matched by Christmas…or at least by the first Created for Care retreat at the end of January so I can share my daughter’s picture with everyone:). Richard and I are getting really EXCITED to be nearing the end of the paper chase (it only took 6 months this time…HA! It just took 4 weeks for our Ethiopian adoption!)

I’ll let y’all know as SOON as we are set and officially waiting on a referral so y’all can all hold your breath with us!! We have wider perimeters this time ’round…and our agency told us our wait should be short…so that is another reason we’ve moseyed through the process this time–cause if you were a fly on the wall in our house on any given day…you’d see CRAZY!!! That’s the way we roll:)

Hope you all have a GREAT week!!!



Rory - October 24, 2011 - 10:31 pm

Are you SERIOUS?!?! Andrea! I had ZERO idea you were gonna do an entire POST on this…on us. I wouldn’t have expected more than just a little line at the end of one of yours just so people know and don’t miss out on the giveaway. I never in my wildest dreams imagined THIS. The response has been so wonderful! I’m still going to send you an email, but I just had to say THANK YOU publicly. And I so HOPE you have a picture of your girl by January because then I’ll get to see her face AND you in person! Thank you for blessing us daily in so many ways.