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Why my mom is a Hippy…

Love my titles lately? I’ve been in rare form lately;). And speaking of rare form—I successfully managed 7 children 5 and under today…and that’s why you are just now hearing from me;). If you give 7 children 5 and under popcycles…it’s not that hard;). Just had to add my accomplishment of the day…had to help a sista out—and it was actually a lot of fun!

Now…back to my mom being a hippy.

OK, so she isn’t a hippy. BUT…

She believes in Hippy.

And because of Hippy…many weekends she can’t come hang or help this sista out. But I totally DIG why she has her hands full. I love that when I called her a couple of weekends ago and begged her to come she couldn’t because she needed to do this…

Educators throughout the country are making the effort to join this team—hit the streets and do more outside the classroom. As a HIPPY assistant-coordinator, my mom reaches out and trains other moms how to educate and support their children, and these moms after they are trained even get paid as they train others (amazing to create some kind of income for some of these moms who do not have work also!). You can read more about the HIPPY model here. You can venture around on the website—and learn more about HIPPY and how to get involved in your local area. How cool would it be for many of you to get on the band wagon…become coordinators and make an impact beyond the classroom. If you are an educator or know one, I encourage you to share HIPPY with them. The system is already set up…but HIPPY needs educators throughout the country to join them!

We all know everything begins at home—and many mommies in the projects and in lower income areas unfortunately were never equipt. WE—CAN DO MORE THAN JUST EDUCATE THEIR CHILD! What if…instead of just educating their child—we went to the people that effect their learning, their confidence, their future THE MOST…and poured into THEM?!

What if we…poured back in…helping families not only stay together…but THRIVE together!

What if we looked at the need in our own cities…just down the street…got out there—and did something more than just donating something at Christmas…but what IF we could impact THEIR LIVES FOREVER…

This is why HIPPY needs others to join their vision…to be passionate for change—and to help walk hand in hand with other moms…to change their children’s world…(pause music up top before watching video…it’s AMAZING!)

And this is why my mom can’t always come help me. And this is why I’m okay with that.

We can’t assume that everyone knows how to be invest in their child’s education…their life…their future—-because many of moms that don’t just never had an example to teach them. And…it’s never too late.

And as I watched mom live to serve others…in our own community…she didn’t just come home from work–tired…she didn’t spend her free time at the gym, the salon or shopping. This is how she spends much of her free time…and as we grew up watching my mom (and even dad) do things for our community like this—my sisters and I caught on…and our hearts are forever changed…and the ripple effect I pray continues. Thank you mom for changing my world…and for investing into the worlds of others. I love you.

Marci - April 30, 2010 - 11:00 am

Walking the walk is far greater an example than talking the talk ! Teaching is a gift and teaching new leadership is sooo important. Good for your momma !

Lara - April 30, 2010 - 1:42 pm

As a public school educator, we need more hippies! We have enough people sitting around complaining about those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged and how they drain society. Let’s do something to help! Bless your mom!