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What little boys and girls are made of…

I grew up with two sisters. One just 14 months older than me–and one three years younger.

Can you guess which one is me???

We played Barbies, curled our hair and danced 24-7 whether we were any good or not. We would play wedding–where one of us would marry Luke–and another would marry Duke. OR it was Elvis, Michael J. Fox or Ricky Schroader.

My older sister and I pinky swore when I was in the 4th grade and she was in the 5th–that we wouldn’t tell anyone that we still played with Barbies:)

And I had a poster on the inside of my closet door of Duke that literally made my day. That was…until I took a Crayola marker and made a BIG circle around the boy part on Duke’s jeans. My mom took the poster down that day–and that I knew better…and that still makes me laugh to this day.

Ok…I started writing this post to tell you HOW DIFFERENT it is being in a house with more boys after growing up with so many girls.

I hear a squeal–and it doesn’t mean some one just looked in the mirror all decked out in dress up clothes. Instead…it means this…

Mom! You wanna hold it??

Um. No sweetheart…you go ahead.

I stepped back and watched–and had to swoon a bit over Frankie baby’s curls…to think for 2 years NO hair–and now curls. How I love to hold him and smell his sweaty little head…something only a mother loves…

And I have to smile watching Laney grow up with 3 brothers. They rub off on her a little bit when it comes to critters…

YET–I had to laugh as she is ALL girl…and so much like me…when she got out of the van for Sunday school carrying a shoebox with holes poked in it.

“Loo bear–please tell me you aren’t trying to bring your caterpillar to church?!”

“I AM momma! Annabelle WANTS to come to Sunday School too!”

Mom–are you reading this??? I know my mom will never forget sitting in worship service–seeing my purse moving around–to open it and discover I, too, felt Blondie (my hamster) needed to come to worship too.

So, Annabelle went to church. She met all the children in the kindergarden classroom…and she learned about Palm Sunday right along with Laney Loo.

Loo made the decision after church that Annabelle really should have a life of a caterpillar–full of freedom to one day become a butterfly.

“Mama–I told my friends at church that by the looks of Annabelle–I am certain she is going to be the most beautiful butterfly!” Oh to hear this little girl talk in her Southern sweetness!

So while these critters are new territory for me–I have to say that I simply adore being a mom to a house full of boys–and a little princess too…a princess who can run with the boys and pick up critters…yet she takes me back to my own childhood watching her play.

And now–we have to convince the boys that Toby the toad also needs to hop free…

As if 3 boys isn’t enough–we have 2 more spending the night with us tonight. And my agenda for breakfast will be to talk them into letting Toby hop free:)

And that my friends…was my day:) Another one–that I wouldn’t trade for the world!

Blessings to you all!


Dawn Wright - April 2, 2012 - 9:47 pm

I love your days…..they remind me a lot of mine! I too wouldn’t trade them for anything!!!!

Growing up – I had 2 brothers…so yep toads, caterpillars, and all those things.

Kim - April 3, 2012 - 10:13 am

Loved this post. So reminded of my life. I grew up with one sister in an all girl house! And now, I have one daughter growing up with four big brothers. On Monday, Lucy insisted on taking her weekend collection of “rolly pollies” to school. Too cute! At least I hope her Kindergarten teacher thought so!