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All in a day’s work… {the farm + egg hunt}

Sooo…we started our day by loading up the mini-van…just me and 5 kids {added my best friend’s son to our crew last night for a boys slumber party} and we took off to Tanglewood Farm. It wasn’t just me and my crew of 5…I met up with 2 other of my dearest mommy friends. And when you get the 3 of us together (me, Laura and Angie)…our crew looks more like this:

Loo bear wasted NO time on the farm. No sir. She hopped right on the first buckin’ bronco she saw–and THIS is how we do it down South;) Gotta get geared up ‘fore ya get on a real one;)

Isaac and Frank wasted no time either. They grabbed some bread and had a little play date with a baby alpaca…

And Loo bear loved on a baby goat…

While I tried to take a few pictures…THIS guy…was all up in my business…I think he thought I was a safe place FROM the children:)

Alright–FUNNIEST moment of the farm trip–when Mr.Llama decided he was hungry too…and he thought he’d see what Sam was eating…

Old Llama just helped himself! Hope it’s alright for Llamas to have puffs.

Sorry–had to make that picture bigger so you would get the full effect;)

Checking out the cattle…

Here’s Billy the Bully-goat. I kid you not. He was an aggressive fella…I think poor Frank has been traumatized…

We didn’t get the babies lined up in this one because they seriously were all clinging to mommas after Billy the Bully-goat:) LOVE these precious children and watching them grow up together…

And before we left–a little pony ride. There was something about Laney’s face that melted me when she was riding the horse today. She was so content…and in the moment. Some times its the little moments…

…that make you want to FREEZE time and keep them little.

And someone–please remind us to NOT wear crocs when we visit Tanglewood Farm again…

…they kept falling off and then he wanted to go barefoot. You can only imagine how many wipes it took to clean them.

My best friend’s little boy who wasn’t too sure what to think about our crazy crew…

Is he NOT the cutest thing you have EVER seen!? His mom and I met in the 7th grade…we were roommates through college and we were roommates for our first years teaching…almost 8 years together. We also got engaged the same month AND married just 2 weeks apart. We both will have our 9 year wedding anniversaries where we officially have lived with our husbands longer than each other! HA! I just LOVE watching our children play together…he’s like family to me–couldn’t you just GOBBLE him up?!

We took cutie pie home after the farm, had a picnic, played–played–and played some more. Then I loaded the kids up and drove back to our neck of the woods…stopping at a few farms on the way home (do not be surprised if we buy a farm…Rico Suave and I so have the itch!)

We recently moved Dinner with the Dentons from Tuesday to THURSDAY nights (going strong for 4 years having dinner together once a week every week!) We thought it’d be fun to have an egg hunt with the kids after dinner…in the DARK! We really didn’t plan on the dark–time just flew and they had a blast. How much fun is that though??? You should try it with flashlights to mix things up;). And only we would have a bunny costume on hand for Rico Suave to hop around the yard in;)

He claims he hates it when I make him dress up in things like this…but I know he really likes it and just has to say that to be Rico Suave;)

[note: Baby William and Isaac are NOT pictured. They do NOT like the Easter bunny even though they totally know it’s just Rico Suave in there.]

AND THAT, my friends–was just a day. For real. Off to bed because we’ve got another sweet day ahead as we prepare for our Good Friday service at church. The bunny is OUT of the way…it was fun…and now we can focus on the real meaning of Easter!!!

He is Risen!



Lauren - April 6, 2012 - 8:28 am

sounds and looks like such a fun day!!! cracking up at the llama snacking on some puffs! haha