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Vital Records…

Gotta love paying UPS $30 to overnight a package to Vital Records…$30 to overnight that sucker last week and then guess what I found in my mailbox yesterday? A return from Vital Records saying I forgot to include a copy of Richard’s driver liceanse to prove it was him asking for a certified copy of his birth certificate. Well, I’ll be! I ordered mine from Kentucky ONLINE and it was here in a few days (granted I paid $40 to have it expedited). But did Kentucky ask for anything? Nope. Scarey? Maybe. But I’ve heard GA Vital Records can be a mess to deal with, so I guess I should just be glad they let me know so quickly (a week later). Now…take TWO for our attempt to get certified birth certificates for our home study and dossier…our paper chase continues!

Each hurdle, I feel closer to our baby—and each set back I am reminded that God is PERFECT and His plan for us is true to scripture (Romans 12) good, pleasing and perfect. He is working all things to the good (Romans 8:28) of those who love Him—who have been called according to His purpose. So, while the paper chase and hoop jumping of adoption may some times be aggrevating…it is also joyful as I remember that this is God’s way of carefully and perfectly putting us in line at the PERFECT time to line up perfectly with the child He has chosen to be in our family. Ahhh…just the labor pains of adoption I guess. But part of the beautiful miracle too! Yet, I’ll keep ticking and jumping through the hoops and not giving up for our precious one!

So much for the $30 overnight to Vital Records. Looking back I know God just shakes His head and laughs at me every time I tell my new VBFF at the UPS store to RUSH ship…overnight…graffiti the package so they open it quicker! Yet Hebrews 12:1 tells us to throw off everything that hinders us and RUN THE RACE that God has set before us with PERSERVERANCE! SO…off to make copies of driver’s liceanses, graffiti another envelope and yes—pay for the package to be overnighted AGAIN! I’m comin’ sweet baby! You are worth EVERY hoop we’re jumping through! How the Lord must love you…and how we love you already…to give us the passion and strength to run this race until we hold you in our arms!!!

Ashley Scott - September 22, 2009 - 9:59 am

Hi Andrea! I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks and thought I should say hello. My husband and I also live in the Alpharetta/Roswell area and are adopting through AGCI. You amaze me with your speed in getting so many of the steps accomplished so quickly. Praise the Lord for your energy and dedication! I really enjoy reading your blog and hope we get the chance to meet sometime!
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Ashley Scott

3 Blessings - September 22, 2009 - 10:27 am

We are right there with you. I could not believe how much the different prices were to overnight and expedite the birth certificates and marriage certificate. I also was amazed that Arkansas would send my b/c with no ID but my husband's from Illinois required a signature. We are becoming very educated on the ins and outs of adoption paperwork 🙂

Are These Kids All Yours? - September 22, 2009 - 1:09 pm

Yeah, have had to remind myself of those things over and over….as I wait very impatiently!!!!!! Just have to rest in God….which is just hard sometimes. Definitely worth it & you are getting closer!!!!!

Kelley Brown - September 24, 2009 - 11:07 am

Hey! I can totally relate…there seems to constant glitches along the way. But I love having a friend go through all of this at the same time as us! Loved your sweet comment on our blog, and hope to catch up even more. I'll be following your journey of adoption as well! 🙂