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They got it:)

Christie, our AGCI case worker, emailed me today to let me know she had my dossier and home study sitting safely on her desk, and it will be reviewed on Friday with all the other dossiers…in the order they were received. YAY! Please pray with us that the dossier is complete and no revisions are necessary…we are so excited and anxious to get our numbers!!! We did not make a gender request, and we were told without a request we would most likely get to the bottom of the boy list first…but a friend of ours told us she has actually seen the lists change during her time with AGCI and it’s quite possible for things to change for us too. We are almost officially “pregnant” but we’ll still be watching the numbers month to month to see what our “ultrasound” will say! The exciting thing about adoption—is on your “ultrasound day”…referral day…you find out not only whether you will be the mommy of a boy or girl…but you ALSO see their picture, their sweet little face—and you fall in love in a different, miraculous way! We are just excited to almost have a number!

I’M REALLY GOING TO BE A MOMMY AGAIN! I get to go across the world and see my baby for the FIRST time…and he (or she!) will be MY CHILD! FOREVER! It’s REALLY happening!!! I am really, really, really going to get to be a mommy again! And now without a business. I get to mommy 4 children and be 100% ALL mommy! I can’t believe how GOOD the Lord is!!! I’m just so excited!!!!

Now…Debby Downers. I still have a couple more weeks of editing and work. I’m up editing away tonight…but had to pop in and jot something on our adoption blog. I was terrible about updating my photography blog–but this adoption blog…addicted. Completely and utterly addicted. It’s so therapuetic for me to rehash our day and what’s ahead…and it’s really fun to also grab some of you and bring you on our journey with us.

On a random / fun / day in the life kind of note—we completed our filming debut for the movie “Live As We Know It” tonight! Stay tuned for the funny details…but the most fun part—I shared our adoption with Kathryn Hiegel and even gave her some really fun 147 Million Orphan tshirts, necklaces and hats that Gwen gave me to give her. VERY FUN! She was so excited and loved the beaded necklaces especially! They are TOO cool…you can buy some here:

I’ve got pictures from our night—even a cute one of Kathryn and Miss Laney bug…we had dinner with the actors, actresses, set staff after shooting tonight too…Kelly and I had fun—but I must say we have completely gotten the movie thing out of our system! Fun to say we did it, but sitting in a room from 2pm-10pm waiting on and off for your time to roll…and between the 2 of us we had FIVE little ones UNDER FIVE…man, it was crazy…but fun and we met a lot of really neat people. And I even got to share Wiphan Care Ministries with a few…you just never know who might want to be a part of what God is doing in Zambia through Wiphan!

And last but not least…I’m so excited because guess what I just bought tickets to while taking a break from editing??? I bought 2 kids tickets (Frank will sit this one out…sorry bud–it’s past your bedtime) and 2 adult tickets for December 19th (my bday) to take our crew to…


to see….
And what I’m even more excited about is that we got orchestra seating for just $20 a ticket. If you buy them early enough you get close and cheap:). My kind of night. OK…I know we are penny pinching for our adoption…but Richard if you are reading this—Happy Birthday to Me:) Hee.hee.
OK…so stay tuned. I’ll post some film pictures tomorrow to help distract me from wondering if we’ll get our numbers on Friday…and I do hope to have some fun news to post on Friday. YET…it is all in the Lord’s hands and I’m going to wait on His timing…as hard as that is to write…I’m going to wait on Him!

Are These Kids All Yours? - November 12, 2009 - 9:21 am

I know you are sooo excited to be done with the work!!! Hey, the Nutcracker sounds great- need a break every once in a while 🙂 Enjoy, and can't wait to hear your numbers!

Megan - November 12, 2009 - 12:39 pm

Congrats on getting all the paperwork in! You guys were so fast on it! We're still sitting here praying for the $$.

Are you gonna post pics from your filming tonight? What a fun thing to do with the family!

angie - November 13, 2009 - 12:36 pm

hey! so excited for you guys! i keep checking back for news. i am sure i will hear you from here when you get your number 🙂

Heidi - November 13, 2009 - 9:07 pm

Congrats getting all your paperwork done and turned in .. YEA!!! It feels so good to be done with it's a time of rejoicing. On Thursday our Dossier made it safely to Ethiopia!