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the weekend before Thanksgiving…

This is what my living room has been transformed to…Navajo territory…

I made these tents several Christmases ago–and BEST HOME-MADE GIFT EVER…3 years later they still play with them ALL THE TIME. They love to take them outside in the spring, summer and fall…and when it’s chilly…my living room turns into the coolest tent territory:) They set them up in their rooms and read books together in them. Long ago I promise a tutorial on how momma whipped these up–maybe this year is the year to do a tutorial because we need a few more tents for our tribe.

Sweet love to our only Indian princess…

And as you can see–she adores him right back!

I whipped these fun Indian headbands out this afternoon. Momma just can’t stand to see them running around playing and not contribute to the action. I ran to Hobby Lobby, and tomorrow I’m working on making Laney a pilgrim dress and my little men Indian garb…and of course Laney an Indian princess dress too. Have to make some extras for any friends we might have over to play (thank you for inspiring me Carrie!)


In other family news–I gave Frank a trim today after he woke up with bed head that had us all in hysterics! I asked him if he thought it was time for a little trim–so off we went…upstairs for a trim. Grab your tissue…sniff, sniff…he looks like a big boy!

Rico Suave and I juuuuuust got home from a date! I highly recommend seeing the movie Lincoln! Although it is rated PG-13, it may even be okay for younger ones who can handle war scenes. Don’t you love when you are in a movie audience that claps at the end??!!! Made me tear up! Lincoln knew what was worth fighting for and abolished slavery…and it was worthy of the cheer at the end.

Tomorrow is SUNDAY! Looking forward to the Sabbath and resting in Him!!! Blessings to you all this weekend!


Stephanie - November 18, 2012 - 7:39 am

Would LOVE a tutorial on the tents! So cute!

natalie cooper - November 18, 2012 - 2:07 pm

i know you’re a home schooling mom so you would want to know, but the navajo did not live in teepees. they lived in dwellings called hogans. (

i only know this because moseby’s birth mother is full-blooded (plains) cree so we’ve been getting lots of books/doing research so i can show him about that culture one day. and the cree DID live in buffalo hide teepees.

happy thanksgiving!

Lauren Casper - November 19, 2012 - 12:37 pm

so sweet!!! Please write that tutorial soon because Mareto would LOVE a tent like that in his room!! I’m thinking it may be his Christmas gift this year! 😉

bobi bobbitt - November 20, 2012 - 11:25 am

I would really like to make one of these tepees for Fisher for Christmas too! Can’t wait to see the tutorial!!!