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Happy Thanksgiving!

My best friend from grade school whose kids are out this week for Thanksgiving convinced me that we needed to be out too…and when you are the principle of your homeschool…you can do that;). SO…we had them over and I whipped up some fun Thanksgiving gear. They had a blast playing in the backyard and celebrating Thanksgiving break together…

Right now–Parker and his bud are having a marathon playdate. It started yesterday…the slumbered here last night…they played today…and now they are slumbering at the Coury house. Eventually they are going to crash but they’ve had a blast together…

Kelly and I lived together for our entire college career and THEN 4 or 5 more years after college AND we met in grade school…so it’s so fun to see our kids playing together. They are more like cousins than friends and have such fun together!

Do you think Rich’s family will think we’re crazy if we show up to Thanksgiving dinner like this??? Because…we are totally gearing up and bringing the tent too:) It’s always more fun at the kids table you know–hence…why momma ALWAYS sits there too!

Hope y’all have a GREAT Thanksgiving week!

SO much to be thankful for!