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The Gospel

Check this out! You can type in any language and purchase audios of the gospel! Click here to find a tribal language in audio! Our son’s regions tribal language only has one recording–but should you adopt from Ethiopia and they speak Amharic…then you’ve just struck gold! Sharing the gospel is a true treasure—and for those who can’t read–you could provide the language from Joshua Project in audio! AMAZING!

And just for fun…here is the cool music of our son’s region…this band I bet is THE thing there;). This was videoed in our son’s region and zone—makes you want to dance doesn’t it?! I love seeing the PEOPLE here! (ya might want to pause music above so you can check it out!)

As I watch this–I can’t help but realize how this particular region of Ethiopia officially has a place carved out in our hearts…forever. I am reminded that it really is all about the gospel. And now–I feel compelled to take it there. Lord, help us to not get caught up in life here—in our sweet family—but to use all things for Your glory. Let us make the most of every opportunity—and we ask you make a way for us to support our child’s birth family and people group for Your name’s sake. Help us to be open, to be creative and to be obedient.