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Staying on the down low:)

We’ve been in full swing all summer…EXCEPT this week–we’re trying our best to really gear down and slow down. AND today–I had a precious babysitter come over so I could get adoption stuff done–but instead of getting errands run I ended up sitting in a parking lot reading Psalms. Just what momma REALLY needed. Playing catch up on editing some of our beach pictures from earlier this June–so behind on family pictures (WHICH reminds me I need to order like every digital image I have taken for the last few year and catch up on printing them!!! So easy not to isn’t it?!) One of our fun family beach traditions is to take a picture of all the kids at the beach eating ICE CREAM!!!! This one didn’t work so well because William was tired and Isaac hates the ocean waves…and Frank–well, he looks like he’s in a daze

Seeing THAT picture made me think back to THIS picture which tells me you should use CHOCOLATE instead of VANILLA if you try this one;)…

WHICH led me to a bunch of old pictures and had momma realizing how FAST time goes by. And had me smiling realizing how much Frank and Laney actually look alike when I saw this oldie of her…

And THEN I was sitting there realizing how my brain forgets so much…like how stinking cute she was at this age…and how she’d always make me laugh in her shades…

Shades have always been one of her signature trademarks…no matter the year…

Oh the memories!

And today–I have piles and piles and piles of laundry to fold. But that can wait…another day. Because today I’m going to enjoy the moment…as I was just reminded how quickly it all passes—and I know one day–I’m gonna miss this.

Savor every moment today!!!



Dawn Marcordes - June 23, 2011 - 5:56 am

Time does fly by and you are so wise to savor the moments now with your little ones. We just took our oldest to college this week…11 hours away from home (from Iliinois to Georgia Tech) and oh how my mommy heart yearns for just a few more moments….,

Annie D - June 23, 2011 - 11:08 am

Because of this post, I am going through old pictures of my babies now 22 and 15 (adopted from foster care at age 9). It is amazing how fast time flies by and how precious those memories of the “little” days are. Reliving adoption day all over and how utterly happy we all were (and still are) brought tears to both of us. Thank you for that. Enjoy the day…we certainly will and it will include no laundry here either!

Audrey @ The Brown Brigade - June 23, 2011 - 8:26 pm

That is so very true. It is going by so fast! My heart is overwhelmed some days with how fast the times passes.