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I made it:)

Rico Suave has been out of town all week…and he is home:). Ever just have those weeks you feel like you need an award because you made it?! I have not ONE picture from our week–but let me tell you some highlights…

…welcomed a precious adoption family to our home for a night–with their 5 littles.

…babysat a friend’s pets–they are here until Sunday. One’s name is Chester–the other…I don’t know his name. BUT they both were fed every day:). One bit Parker the first day we had them. We discovered on Tuesday after a pediatrician’s appointment that Isaac was allergic. They are indoor pets–in a cage that comes up to my hip. Isaac and Frank are scared of them. Frank says, “Mommy, dat goes” (Mommy, that gross). Parker and Laney think they are cool. They like to eat carrots. They have a life expectancy of 7ish years. Anyone know what they are??? I bet you’ll never guess:).

…I took ALL FOUR swimming…4 kids 6 and under swimming TWICE—AND to a sprayground. Once to a friend’s above ground pool. WHICH cracks me up…and my kids love it. THEN to our neighborhood pool—which is a huge hood BUT we are always the only ones there. SO here is the “before” scene via my iPhone with just Loo and P-man swimming (Frank is ALMOST swimming and Isaac just likes to sit in his inflatable car:)…

…the sprayground was an attempt to join our Sunday school moms for a playdate social. HOWEVER we went to the wrong sprayground. The kids loved it. Ever just have those days you TRY but it just doesn’t work out;). In the end–they had a blast with our without playdate friends and didn’t even ask where everyone was;)

…took all 4 in Target after sprayground SOAKING wet to buy slip-and-slide. Isaac needed his nap but the kids needed more spray:)

…I ATTEMPTED to take all 4 to family movie night on the lawn downtown. We made it until about 15 minutes into the movie. Isaac was laughing hysterically at bugs flying around (he isn’t hard to entertain) and 7 year old kid kept turning around and telling him to “Shush!” so we had to leave:). Hey, I attempted right???

…We ate pizza…TWICE:). BUT they were both at Wiphan meetings. Isaac has been walking around the house saying “Pizza peas!”

…Discovered Isaac’s favorite books are the Olivia series. He is obsessed. Love that the first thing he asks for when he wakes up and last thing he asks for is “book”. He is a genius:).

…Richard came home today to us all in the backyard squealing on the slip-and-slide:).

Those are our week highlights. Sorry no pictures other than the 1 on the iPhone. It was a crazy solo-week…and my hats go off to the single moms of the world! Hope you all had a great weekend! I am going to post some fun news with LOTS of pictures this weekend:). Don’t you love it when I keep ya hangin’?!



Lauren - June 24, 2011 - 11:03 pm

sounds like a delightful week to me! But I know you are LOVING having the hubby back home!:)

Shannon - June 25, 2011 - 3:08 pm

Chester and Twitchy. And you are the most awesomest friend ever for keeping them through all those episodes! I wouldn’t have blamed you if you just turned them loose in the woods!!! We will absolutely be reimbursing you for the doctor bills! Thank you! Love you!