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“Somewhere Between” {A documentary}

I believe one of the greatest things we can do as parents who have grown their families through adoption is to listen to the voices of families who have gone before us–and children who are now grown who came into their families through adoption too. How do they feel? What are their struggles? Much of it–I will not be able to “fix”…but I can listen. Although this film is from the perspective of four Chinese girls–I really believe it can apply to any adoption family in some way.

You can see where the film is playing on their WEBSITE HERE.

Excited that it will be in our area! I’m planning to go see this, and even if it is not from a Biblical perspective–I know I can learn a lot from listening to these girls and their hearts for feeling like they have grown up in “between”. If the film is not being shown in your area, contact them to see if they will come to your area–it worked for some friends of mine in Alabama!)

We will be finishing up the last few things for our home study next week. Please pray that the Lord protects and paves the way. Homeschooling 4 littles–I already feel SO crazy…so to add this checklist of home study and dossier stuff–taking the kids with me to just about everything…makes things a bit more challenging. This little guy is SO WORTH IT!!! I just almost forgot how crazy redonkulous this paper chase stuff is. And do I seriously have to BRING a notary WITH ME to the doctor’s appointment on Tuesday? The THINGS they want you to do! Oh my. BUT WORTH IT!

On another note–I’ve been flying solo this weekend as Rico Suave went to the deep South (yes–it actually gets deeper than us) for a weekend of learning how to be a disciple of men. One of the leaders prayed over Rico and our adoption journey–and I think we might have a name for our son! Gonna marinate on it for awhile–and I’ll share as soon as we have decided for sure:) Names were so important in the Bible…the Lord often changed them once someone became His child. And so many times each person truly lived into that name. Gonna marinate on what is on my Rico Suave’s heart. I can’t believe we are going to have to wait probably as long as until NEXT SUMMER to actually travel. Oh my–why or why does the red tape have to be that loooooong?! Going to be learning some serious lessons about LIVING IN THE MOMENT despite a son across the world who I’m dying to hold! I’ll be at every birthday, baseball game, graduation and event…yet I can’t be there with him now–and this time of waiting and watching him grow up in an orphanage…has a purpose for something. Asking the Lord to care for Him and be with Him now…oh my momma’s heart! Please pray for a miracle and that some how we will get to travel before his birthday in May!!! That is my prayer…it’d be a true miracle for that to be so soon by all the red tape that has to happen…but please pray with us for this!!!

Blessings to y’all!

Denise - October 26, 2012 - 4:44 pm

Praying, Andrea! The paperwork IS hard! I’m just certain that the Lord grants amnesia between adoptions or we’d never do it again, but the end–a child rescued and loved and exposed to the gospel–is WORTH it.

God bless you and Richard for chosing the hard road in His name,