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We have our USCIS approval! Now–we will hope that the Secretary of State is open a few days next week so we can get the state seal on this bad boy–and a few other things–and then we’ll send everything off to D.C.! After that–off to China it all goes! So excited to be getting so close to having a LID (log-in date) and then we’ll hold our breath for our LOA (Letter of Approval). Once we get our LOA we can also share his picture with you all:) Can’t wait to share his sweetness!

We have had a few people ask about his special needs–and some have assumed some things because we found our little on the Rainbow Kids site. Honestly, we aren’t really sure of all of his needs–and just want to get him home as quickly as possible first. We are thankful to already have an amazing pediatrician and neurologist and know we will be in great hands…until then we are just trying to get through each step as quickly as possible! Today had been a pretty rough day as Rico Suave has the flu, Parker-man started tossing his cookies and I had saved all my errands for Christmas fun for today…but I was running around the house to sick bells ringing (next time I’m not passing out bells;)–and keeping the wells away from the sick ones. I finally got out by myself to run an errand–and had been checking the mailbox all day…but it was EMPTY each time. When I pulled back in the driveway at 6pm–the mailman had just come…I opened it up and found our approval…and I sat there and cried TEARS OF JOY! SO THANKFUL! Truly, this is the best Christmas gift an adoption momma could ask for (other than traveling and getting to bring home her little!) This is the final step on the U.S. side of things–and now we get to send everything off!



Rebecca - December 23, 2012 - 8:20 am

Wonderful news! We are about a week and a half behind you. So excited that USCIS is moving so quickly. We are out of town and praying for a gift in our mailbox when we return. :). Praying for you guys and your little man this Christmas.

Kelly Brown - December 23, 2012 - 12:34 pm

YAY!!!!!!!! So excited for you!

sarah - December 23, 2012 - 4:34 pm

Soooo ecited for you – congratulations, what a Christmas gift!