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Pictures that take you back…

The hubby and I have been sitting behind the computer today reminiscing…reminding ourselves to ENJOY THE MOMENTS. Sooo…for those of you who adore Frankie baby as much as we do…you just HAVE to see what our Parker looked like when he was Frankie baby’s age…

Parker: Age 2

Oh my Parker-man still melts my heart! When he was Frank’s age–he took “brown doggie” every where (yes–as you can tell by his stuffed animals names we get real creative over here with names don’t we;). This picture was his sweet little soul trying to be brave and attempt the day at preschool without brown doggie. I think he ended up going in his bag for most of the year…and brown doggie has now parked it in a chair in Parker’s room where he doesn’t move. HOWEVER…he still sleeps with “white blanket”…and I love that he still holds on to a few things from his toddler hood that keep him always my baby.

BY THE WAY…I sing him a good night song EVERY night. They all have their own good-night songs. I sang it for the first time the first night we brought him home from the hospital…(I recently discovered I have the lyrics mixed up as it’s an old Bonnie Owens song…and I never heard her version so my tune is completely lullabish and not twang…but the words–bring a lump in my throat EVERY time I sing it to him)…

Two eyes that shine so bright
Two lips that kiss good night
Two arms that hug so tight
That little boy of mine

You’ll never know how much
Your coming to us has meant
Because I love you so
You’re something heaven has sent

You mean the world to me
You climb upon my knee
To me you’ll always be
That little boy of mine

…and I will probably sing it to him when I hug him off to college one day. BUT for now…I’m basking in the moments and enjoying my sweet 6 year old…and keeping him little as long as I can!

Enjoy EVERY moment…it’ll pass by in a blink.



Kim - April 13, 2011 - 12:57 am

My girls have their own songs that I made up when they were born, too! Wow.. I didn’t realize anyone else did that, lol! It wasn’t even planned.. just happened :O)

Dawn - April 13, 2011 - 8:00 pm

Awwww…..I sing to my kiddos too. Made mine up 🙂 They love it and if I forget- they remind me.