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Overheard amongst my crowd this week… {you can’t make this stuff up}

Ever find yourself at one of those life stages where you feel like you could just walk around with a recorder of treasured moments? I’m there. Listening to my littles process and answer things…and many times just listening to conversation between them.

Some funny…some thought-provoking…some just silly… making this momma laugh. Here are some things overheard amongst my crowd and others this week…that just has to be remembered…and shared.

Parker and Isaac on Friendship…

{Parker}: “Isaac. I want you to pick ONE person in your family that you would say is your BEST friend. No adults allowed for your answer. So–your choices are Frank, Laney or me…PARKER. Which one is your BEST-like BEST friend?”

{Isaac}: Zeke. Tus he’s in our fam-a-wee.

Laney and a friend at the Park on Sisters vs. Brothers

{friend}: Laney. Are you like SO sad that your family is bringing home ANOTHER boy instead of a girl? I mean–deep down you want a sister–right? I mean–isn’t it SO hard to be the ONLY girl??? Don’t you wish you had a sister like me???

(It took everything in me not to want to jump in and protect her heart…but she did a pretty good job and made this momma smile and hold back a giggle…)

{Laney}: WHAT??? That’s CRAZY! No way! I love being the ONLY princess. So what in the WORLD do you do at a Father/Daughter dance? Do you have to share your dad and take turns dancing? What about daddy/daughter dates? I bet he has to like take turns taking you out—OR he gets busy and just takes you both out together. So what happens when he says, “Where do you want to go for dessert?” and one of you says MENCHIES and the other says SCOOPS? I mean, when we are out on a date…my daddy asks me where I wanna go for dessert–and I say MENCHIES–and there’s no fussing who gets their pick. He’s like–Okay! Menchies it is-with extra sprinkles. Why would I be sad I don’t have a sister? PLUS–I’m gonna have like 4 sister-in-laws and they are nicer to you anyway.”

Isaac on Family

{Isaac}: Mommy, you weh-ly need to huh-ree up and go get Zeke. Tus he doesn’t have a mommy or daddy. But Isaac has a mommy and daddy–and Zeke needs a mommy and daddy tus he doesn’t have one.

{Me}: Zeke DOES have a mommy and daddy! Mommy IS his mommy! Daddy IS his daddy! We just have to wait until China says all the papers are stamped and then we can bring him home.

{Isaac}: O-tay. We need to huh-ree! You tan take me to Nana and Papa’s while you go to China–but af-ta you get back–you gotta come wheel fast and get me. O-tay?

And today being the FIRST day of Lent…we will be following along with our annual Lent tree tradition and readings. Here’s a link to what we do if you’d like to join us:

I’m letting Facebook go until Easter…so I’ll miss giving fun little updates there and keeping up with others…but if you are on Instagram then you have seen our funny cat updates (Frank took in a stray–and through much debate he has found a new home on our back porch despite this Mona’s allergies.) His name is Love some times Blankie and Isaac calls him Jasmine. A few pics from our crazy this week..






May you have a blessed journey through this season with your family!

Natasha - February 14, 2013 - 11:18 am

Preciousness! Kids do say the sweetest things! I teach kindergarten and I hear lots of sweet treasures all day. The best yet was when one of my kinders said, Mrs Chalker, I love you bigger than Jesus! She also told me I smelled like an angel once. Melt my heart.

Elspeth - February 21, 2013 - 10:08 pm

Sounds like Lainey would have a hard time giving up her princess status if you did have another girl ;D